Getting Ready for Primary 1

Is your child entering Primary 1 next year? Are you starting to feel stressed, anxious or worried about how your child will settle into the school environment? Will he/she make friends? Will he/she be able to learn well and enjoy a great start to their learning journey?

Entering Primary 1 can be a very exciting time for a child and the parents but it is also a time of great adjustment and transition. And a well-prepared child will look forward to school and settle in much more smoothly.

How then can parents make sure their child is well-prepared and ready to learn?

Besides the frantic shopping for textbooks, new uniforms, shoes, bag, stationery, water bottle, wallet… (and the list goes on); it is much more important to ensure our child is intellectually ready to learn in a classroom environment.

Here are some important intellectual (cognitive) skills that a child will need:

Focus and Attention

  • being able to listen well and pay attention, without being easily distracted

Effective Writing Skills

  • being able to copy and write neatly at an appropriate speed

Good Memory Capabilities

  • being able to remember what has been taught and messages/letters to bring home to mummy and daddy

Strong Sequencing Abilities

  • being able to follow teacher’s multiple instructions and directions


Having a strong groundwork in these intellectual skills is like a building with a strong foundation; and these skills will support our children in learning more effectively within and beyond the classroom.

Join us for a COMPLIMENTARY COGNITIVE SKILLS PROFILE to understand about your child’s intellectual performance.


Article contributed by ThinkersBox – A Cognitive Development Specialist

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