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Gifts ideas for Christmas

Here are some ideas of stuff to get.


ZOOB 250-Piece Set

This versatile toy is great for building stuff that can move. Mobility mirrors movement of people, animals, machines. The 250 piece set  comes with 6 or 7 different books that give instructions on different designs. Each book is of different difficulty. Kids can make a lot of different things to play with. Recommended for children 6 year and above.


Zoob Junior 55-Piece Set

This is similar to the award winning Zoob set above. The pieces are bigger but move, flex, bend, snap together just like the original ones. Recommended for kids from 3-5 years old.




Real Construction Starter Workshop

Heard of "Kid’s Wood?" It is a foam product that can be cut, saw nail on with plastic tools. According to reviewers it builds sturdy things that floats too.
The starter workshop comes with over 50 pieces. Set includes Small Hammer, Saw, Nails, Kid-Wood and a project book



Fashion Design Portfolio

Have a budding designer at home? This

versatile set comes with 7 plastic stencils sheets and over 100 fashion shapes for hours or drawing and fun.






Thank you for all these

Thank you for all these fabulous entries!We’ve really enjoyed reading them and have put them together in another word, I would describe Green Birthday Gifts products as VITAL! with Send Flowers to India Both in the sense that I can’t be without them, and they enhance my vitality.

where to get this?

may i know where can i get these and how much?

tks for the recommendation

tks for the recommendation

Hi Chamonix, Thanks for

Hi Chamonix,

Thanks for sharing…. Bought the Zoob…

Have a good wkend.


Hi buds! How's your

Hi buds! How’s your pregnancy getting along? When are you due?

Easy decision – get BOTH loh 

According to my kids, ZOOB is fun but LaQ is better cos it’s more challenging. For me, I prefer LaQ too cos it’s easier to store the finished creations. 

See my reply to Fann on where to get LaQ.   



Hi chamonix! The Laq looks very challenging and interesting! I think my DD1 will love the Laq and the ZOOB… so now, which one to get?  Btw, where did you purchase it and how much?


Where to purhase ZOOB 500pcs

Could someone advise where to purchase ZOOB 250pcs or 500pcs in Singapore?

I went to Takashimaya and Robinson but couldnt find it.

Robinson has Zoob 125pcs and 55pcs.



Hi Chamonix, May I know

Hi Chamonix,

May I know where did u purchase the Laq from?






Got my 250 pieces set from

Got my 250 pieces set from Robinson sometime back for $49.90 (less 5% if you are a member).  

My kids like LaQ from Japan too. The possibilities and creations are limitless. Check out . 

500pc set

Heyya janet_lee88, how much did you get your 500pc set and from where?

Does this ZOOB work in similar ways to the Junior Engineer from Growing Fun?


Channel 8 : Educating Junior Big Plans for Little Ones 1


I watched channel 8 programme on 14 Nov sunday 10:30pm
and would like to know the name of the primary schools, especially first one and second one. Children in the school look very lively and happy.
Anyone can help me ?


can get in SG? if yes,

can get in SG? if yes, where? TIA.

Wonderful gift

Zoob is a great gift for children. It allows children to use their brains to make creative designs. I have the 500 piece set.

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