Give Blood And Save Lives

My husband had been wanting to be a blood donor, but never taken that first step until 6 months ago. It all started after he learnt that one of his subordinates is a regular blood donor. These are what he shared with me:

Peer Pressure/Support

Whichever way you view it, blood donation is still voluntary. Peer pressure to lead by example spur my husband to partake in his first blood donation (hm…in addition to the time-offs he granted them for this event, maybe it is peer support too that his subordinate turned up for their organized donation ). Peer support makes the whole process of donation fun and makes regular blood donation possible as it becomes a bonding event among colleagues/group-mates/friends.


If you had missed the Mobile Donation Drive in your neighbourhood ( and has this sudden urge to donate blood, you can always drop by the permanent Bloodbank@HSA (near Outram Park MRT Station). While there is the option to make an e-Appointment for your donation, my husband was a walked-in donor.


According to my husband, a typical weekday donation process lasted for about an hour (including waiting time). After registration, potential donors will be given a 3-5 page questionnaire comprising health and lifestyle questions and declarations. The questionnaire will then be screened before approval is granted for donation. The donor will be further screened to ensure no iron deficiency. At the donation kiosk, donors will be administered with local painkiller. After the donation, donors will be advised to rest for a while before resuming normal activities. Light refreshments are also provided.


Parking is free at HSA for blood donors.

(Me : So did they issue you with a coupon to redeem the free carpark voucher?
Husband rolling his eyes : No need any coupon la… the bandage is so obvious! )


Donors are issued with iron tablets to facilitate speedier blood regeneration, but my husband did not feel the need for such supplements (he scared of constipation).


My husband, being a man of few words , will surely miss out some of the minute details, so for full details and more information on HSA Blood Donation services, visit

As per husband’s experience, when he donated blood during his birth month, HSA issued a token keychain which he proudly hang on his mobile. To him, the act of blood donation gives him purpose and he feels good about it. Additionally, to his knowledge, as donors should refrain from any form of medication within 3 days from next donation (for injection, there is a waiting time of 1 year before one can donate his blood again) and shouldn’t fall sick 3 weeks from donation, he is now more conscious of his health as he did not want to miss his following donation event. But then again, being women of the house, my mother-in-law and I will harbor mixed feelings every time we see my husband’s bandaged arm after the donation event. But since we do not have the courage to donate blood, the next best thing we can do is to give him support for this decision that he has made – making blood donation part of his lifestyle.

I am still young but

I will donate blood when I am older. Now, my mummy will obviously reject if I want to do so.

buds is 7.1

Hmmm.. tree nymph.

I cant imagine how buds is coping with her current blood count of 7.1 to 8.


My First Time......... I

My First Time………

I donated blood for the first time when I’m was 21 years old.  I remembered i just made the mark – i mean the haemogoblin level, for ladies its 12.  However after that, I became anaemic??  went for all sorts of tests to find out the reasons, but not successful.  I had to be on iron and B complex pill since and especially so during pregancies as i tend to drop to around 9+.

anyway, I’ve not done the test for some time now.  Will go for a body check and see what happens.  but I will read up more on the bone marrow and see if i can do anything to help.  🙂


Ya lah X 2!! I was DA man lah!!

Just wanna share a bit about how I donated blood:

1st time was during NS.. As recruits always kena bullied mah. So the instructors brought all of us to the blood donation drive held at our camp and asked who wants to donate blood…. you’ll get the next 4 hours off. Those who dont’ will go for PT…. The next moment..EVERYONE raised their hands!!

2nd time was also during NS. This time round, the situation was reversed. I was the instructor and its my turn to ask.. Who wants to donate blood?? Only a handful raised their hands.. I repeated again saying those who dont will have to do PT. Almost all raised their hands leaving only a handful. I asked them why and they told me that they’re afraid of needles.Told them there’s nothing to worry about (Like Real..) hence I offered to lead by example and volunteered to be the first to donate (ouch!!!!) … When I was done, they still didnt change their mind..

3rd time was when I first started out in my new job. Wanted to get in the good books of the boss, hence initiated a blood donation drive for the company as part of a way for us to give back to the community and help others. The idea was a success and many participated in the blood donation drive including me… However.. my boss was not around as he took MC.. !!!


My veins are thin and

My veins are thin and hidden too. My doctor also said something about not doing enough housework, but I think more on genes cos my mum also has very thin and hidden veins.

wow, that's encouraging...

wow, that’s encouraging…

Too fleshy

Its also quite an ordeal for me whenever nurse has to draw blood.  Cannot find veins.  Hve to exercise arms, then nurse will tap tap – all these for a few times and if I am lucky, can finally find vein.  If not, then like buds, draw from palm facing down.

But then again, I notice that the experienced and older nurses tend to be able to somehow find a vein and draw blood successfully.

I think in my case my arms are too fleshy ….



I bruise easily too

jedamum, the bruise I got from the IV drip more than 2 weeks ago is still there. Didn’t show you just now. LOL

I don't think I can donate too...

Before DD1 was born, I was underweight so never gave blood donation a thought. Later on, during a routine check-up, my GP said I was anaemic but luckily, can “control” through diet and not iron pills since I’m prone to constipation. Now that I’m more “normal weight”, I think I still cannot donate blood cos my veins are like, non-existent, and I do a LOT of housework.
The nurses will happily prepare the equipment for drawing blood samples only to frown in frustration later as they try to locate my veins. Then, sometimes, they give up and draw the blood from the back of my hand instead.
Once, the doc had to draw my blood twice cos the blood stopped flowing the first time! Then, after the second time, he kept flicking the second tube of drawn blood with his fingers. He explained saying that he didn’t want the blood to clot after all the trouble he took to draw it out. All this time, the was a guy waiting just outside the doc’s room for my blood so that he could send it to the lab. So stressful!
Due to these incidents, I’ve become rather nonchalant about needles since I’ve had to sit very still and do nothing while my blood craaawls up the tube. Sigh….

Bo Pakei Wan.. :P


Not voluntary, bo pakei wan! Hahaa!

Definitely peer pressure on your part,

so as to look very-da-MAN!


Schwepps - I used to be anaemic too but have improved now...

But I love your hidden veins, crouching flabs….that is probably true for me too…(hi5)



I’ve donated blood on more than 2 occasions OK..

I have to admit that its not by choice.. More due to peer pressure..

It was’nt as painful as I expected but the sight of those needles.. Yikes!!!

Still gives me the creeps.


My blood was refused !!!

Years ago I went to donate blood before I have kids. They tested my blood and there was no problem, so they went ahead and drew one big packet of blood from me. I was fine. But a few weeks later, they sent a letter telling me that my blood cannot be used, because I am “slightly” Hep B positive. But I have taken the Hep B vaccination before so I cannot possibly by Hep B positive. The letter said that I can never donate blood !

I went to the clinic to test for Hep B, the result was negative.

I was very sad that I can never donate blood, because I felt very good donating blood and helping other people in need.

 I've never suspected

 I’ve never suspected thin veins could be caused by lack of housework. But there could be some truths to it. I’ve never lifted a finger for many, many years. But then, I carry weights why my veins still so tiny.

Recently came back from blood tests with another huge bruise appearing few days later…thought it was from those unmentionables that come to you in the night. Then I recalled it was becoz the nurse had a tough time looking for a suitable vein and when she finally found it, the blood just trickles so slowly..totally not enthu at all, unlike 2ppaamm.

Everything 2ppaamm does, she surpasses all of us. *salute* dear 2ppaamm!



Me three..

Me three!

I’ve all the characteristics mentioned by some of ya.

1. Anaemic ( I for one am HIGHLY anaemic )…

I’m told i need it more than i need to give it…

2. Crouching flammable flab, hidden vein…

Even for drips hor, i usually so suay wan…

Instead of the inner arm, i will kena from da

hand ( palm facing downwards )… OUCHiiieee!

3. Bruising…

Dis oso very very normal for me. Da bruising

will stay for like 2 weeks. Imagine bruises in

so many areas, like kena battered or something..

As for hubs, he can do all the marathon he wants.

But when it comes to even a prick… what more a

Yakult-straw-sized needle… you’ll see him do the

sprint. And that’s before official flag-off!


2ppaamm - sounds scary

Your experience sounds scary.   You must have "enthusiastic blood" like your personality, eager to donate to help others. 

I have the reverse

I have the reverse problem.  They find my veins quickly, then poke the needle through and all went well.  Problem is, I couldn’t stop bleeding, the blood kept shooting out like a fountain, yikes.  They had to get a doctor to attend to me.  Only managed to clot after 2 hours.  After that, they sent me to a series of check up to ensure I’m ok.  Didn’t ever dare to donate after that…

... and am anaemic

… and the other thing is that I’m anaemic too. Wanted to donate blood once but got turned away by the nurses as they found out that I was anaemic. Suspect that, at times, my kids and students suck my blood 

Have got hidden veins too

Hey ks2me and jedamum, that makes 3 of us as I’ve got thin blood veins too. Definitely not due to lack of housework as I’m the maid in the house. Me thinks it’s due to my fleshiness or flabbiness… sigh!  A case of hidden veins, crouching flab 


Hey, I got the same comment leh….but I don’t find that true cos I do like to do housework and at one point, I did quite alot.  So hor, I feel that is a myth.. 

thin blood veins

my gyne nurse concluded that my thin blood veins is a result of me doing little housework….ladies, true?

Hmm...tough for me

cos they cannot find my fine veins too.  Well hidden.

Even for getting a blood sample for test, it can take quite long and they have to find an expert to do it for me, otherwise I will be poked a few times…  so bad hor?   I often end up with a few bruises as if I have been attacked. 

So they siam me, not I siam them…many nurses gave up on me….

When I had to go for CS,

When I had to go for CS, he was asked to donate blood. And both times, he siam.



no prob

To Mathsparks, no prob…

maybe can get your hubby to donate blood on your behalf?



good job!

so you are!! good job!

when i first saw his hp pic of the needle, i nearly fainted. we dare not let his mum look at the pic – the needle looks like the size of yakult straw….

so did your wife brew tonic for you thereafter?

my husband needs me to help him undress (his shirt )…..exploiting me ba!


 Hi jedamum,

Can I piggyback on your post to encourage parents to signup as potential bone marrow donors? Recruitment is normally held together with blood donation drives. Pls see my post here:

PS: I’ve never been a blood donor, coz my veins are too small, and the last I check, I was told I need to fatten up first before they would consider me.


I am also a regular donor...

I am also a regular donor… I always joked that it does me good as donating blood will temporary reduce my pressure!

Not sure why but I always have the urge to donate on Mondays, but that’s when it is closed (they open from tue to sun) 😛

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