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Storylands - an early years reading adventure series

The Storylands website is designed as a series of online lands where children go to read each of the three collections in the series, Clinker Castle, Lost Island and Pirate Cove. Sticking with the idea of lands, the homepage directs readers to choose the Storyland they wish to read and takes them to a destination where they can read the book online and then play a series of activities and games associated with each title. The look and feel is designed to appeal to children aged 4-7 and navigation is kept simple.

The site includes a full membership system where users sign-up, create their own avatars and can see their reading progress. Everytime they read a book in the series and complete a game or activity, their actions are recorded and they’re awarded ‘coins’ for their effort. The top readers go onto the scoreboard where their achievements can be viewed by all members.

While the site is developed with young children, it also balanced the need of parents and teachers to access good information about the Storylands program. Information and instructions are easily accessible and each group of adults was targeted with information specific to them.

Whatever the reading level of your child, Storylands will help them develop a real joy and interest in reading.

As a special tribute from me to all KSPs, here are four access codes that will give you full access to 4 books, 4 quizzes and their games:

Clinker Castle – What’s in the Lake?: W71L2C
Clicker Castle – A Royal Picnic: R38P5A
Pirate Cove – Sailor’s Surprise: PC1239
Pirate Cove – Pirate Treasure: PV5678

Enter these access code at Storylands and have fun this weekend!

If you would like to purchase books from the STORYLANDS series, go to Brake Education. The access codes will be printed on the inside back cover of the books.


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Thanks for all the feedback and comments



To amlgf:

The age at which a child is ready to read and spell can vary dramatically. Children can start from the age of three years old on up to eleven years old and beyond, but generally reading and spelling occurs between the age of four and ten years old.

For some, the Storylands may be too easy, for others, maybe it is just right. I had review one of the story, I think Storylands is just right for children just beginning to read.  It is interesting enough to entice them to start.  If your child is already reading I agree that Storyland may be too easy.

To breeze28:

No, I did not pay for the access codes. I spend a lot of time surfing on the net.  The above codes were provided by Brake as a launching promo, because they just revamped their website. Not sure how long the free codes will last though.

To buds & snowflake:

I hope your children likes it.  Perhaps you can share your reviews here so more parents can benefit. 

go to My homepage or SAHMs Opportunity.

think story is to easy

think story is to easy

Access code

How do you get the access code? Do you have to pay?

this is great, thanks a

this is great, thanks a lot, lifestylelink for even providing the access to 4 books, am gonna to show it to my kids now, am sure they’ll love it!


Wow! This is new, i LOIKE!!!

I personally love the illustrations!

I’ve bookmarked it to show my girls tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing, lifestylelink!


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