Going overseas? try SG public transport first

Daddy was discussing about travelling with kids with a friend..
First time parents are always apprehensive about bringing their kiddos overseas. The "Whaf-if"s are daunting.

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Daddy would recommend our friends to trial Singapore’s public transport first.
If we have a car, it will be very unlikely that public-bus and Mrt will be our preferred mode of transport.. .. even though Singapore has a world class transportation system.

It is so much Fun, to travel on the trains 🙂
Once we survive the strollers, the pushing and crowds, monkeying-kids-on-train, you can go ANYWHERE.

Kiddos will enjoy the ride, as they get to see (or disturb) things, from another perspective. The experience provides a gauge on how parents will cope,
when overseas :p

Back to our initial discussion on oversea trips with kiddos.
Do not plan too much, as kiddos are not known to be cooperative.
If they really behave, count your blessings keke (this is very rare).

Just make sure we are prepared when kiddos are hungry, sleepy, temperamental, mosquito attacks, or cold. Treat car-sickness, and misbehaviour on the plane as part and parcel of our trip !!

Once we lower our expectations, go with a big heart and enduring patience, every trip will bring back memories 🙂 

Bus and Mrt pictures from http://www.sg/
Concorde from

Luckily, we do not have to cross road junction in Vietnam !!!
–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr5Gssaxl6g&feature=player_embedded

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