Good english story book to recommend for upper level kid

I found these authors good for upper primary kids:

1) Sophie McKenzie – Blood Ties

It has won numerous awards and the plot is thought-provoking and gripping. It is about cloning and people’s reactions to it. It links 2 kids who are actually clones but have no idea that they are clones and they need to figure out who their parents really are and how they can escape the clutches of a terrorist group.


2) Neil Gaiman – The Graveyard Book

The author came to Singapore recently during a writer’s festival. His books are usually best-sellers. This book is about boy who grows up in a graveyard and is raised and educated by ghosts and how he tries to find the murderer of his family later on. It sounds morbid but it is not gory or scary, the ghosts are more like friendly motherly kind of ghosts. The vocabulary used is good as well.

3) Anthony Horowitz – Alex Rider Series

His use of sentence structure is very varied and the vocabulary can be used to help your child write better, especially for chase, fire and explosion scenes. The plot is about a 14 year old boy solving mysteries, like a cooler version of hardy boys. Boys really love his books.

Alex Rider books


Thanks for the recommendation on Alex Rider books. Started my son (10 years old) on the first book and he is hook on it. Another series that he is reading is The Charlie Bone series.

tks for recommendation

tks for recommendation

Cheap books

Hi everyone,

Some parents are asking more about the books that we recommend, we have a list of reccomended books we can provide for interested parents. On that note, we usually order books in bulk for our own centre, hence the books we have can be cheaper and we provide creative writing materials that go with the books. If you have any questions, you can email us about the list and/or the books.

The Alternative Story (TAS)

Hi everyone, You can get

Hi everyone,

You can get these books at any of the major bookstores, however for the first 2 books, they are not avaible at Popular, they are available at the bookstores in town-Borders, Kinokuniya etc. There is a website that you can check out that offers books at a cheaper price for most books. It is – there is no shipping charge for the books.

Actually both boys and girls can appreciate the books. 🙂

The Alternative Story (TAS)

Like it or not I think

Like it or not I think  there is gender specific books.  I dont see my nephews reading books by Judy Blume but the girls love it.   Look at the covers and you will know who they are attracting.

gender specific books?

 Thought we shouldnt tell our kids that dollies/pink/twilight series are for girls and cars/blue/these 3 recommended books are for boys?

My son has read the twilight series but I doubt he openly admitted that to his friends.





Mummyjoyce.. hahaa.. i prefer the werewolf ones. Not too pale. Or shiny.. 


Thanks for the

Thanks for the recommedations. The 3 titles are more meant for boys (my guess) – for girls maybe Twilight or any of the vampire books that are popular now?


You can buy Harry Potter books cheaply at Bras Basah complex

Hi, another series of suitable books for upper primary students are the Harry Potter books. You can buy the Harry Potter books cheaply now at the secondhand shops at Bras Basah complex. There are also many other children books available, many going for just $2 a book. I myself have bought many books cheaply from the secondhand bookstores in Bras Basah Complex.

Where to get the above

Where to get the above 3?

My boy read the series of the Harry Potter.

Another good one is Twilight.

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