Group Tuition or One to One? How About 2-in-1?

When the time finally comes for parents to sign their children up for tuition, they usually separate into two camps: the Group Tuition Believers and the One to One Advocates. There are pros and cons to both, and the pro of one of them is usually the con of the other.

For example, group tuition might reduce the guidance that a student receives from the teacher, as there are several students in the class that the teacher has to attend to. This con is precisely the reason why some parents are in full support of one to one tuition, whereby each teacher focuses on one student only. Another example: an advantage of group tuition is that the students are able to learn from one another’s mistakes as they study together, something that one to one tuition students are missing out on.

What benefit is missing in group tuition can usually be found in one to one tuition and vice versa. The two don’t overlap and thus when you choose one type of tuition over the other, you will completely lose out on the advantages on the other side.

Well, how about marrying the two, doubling the pros and cancelling out all the cons?

This is a concept that has been made possible only at Beautyful Minds with the help of Geniebook.

Geniebook is a learning software created by Beautyful Minds themselves. It is accessed by each individual student’s username and password, thus each account is unique to its own student. The system will remember the student’s weaknesses and strengths based not just on the topics but the underlying concepts even, and generate worksheets that drill students only on what they need to study, thus helping them to save a lot of time. Imagine not having to go through piles and piles of assessments books just to get to that 20% of questions that you need!

Since Geniebook is able to instantly generate worksheets based on what each student needs to work on, students are able to enjoy studying together as a group, and yet focus on their own individual work. Two best friends sitting side by side in the same classroom can be answering completely different worksheets with just a click of a button on Geniebook.

Geniebook is also the reason why Beautyful Minds is able to take in students from a diverse range of schools. It matters not that students from different schools will be studying different topics at different times of the year; Geniebook is able to handle it through topic customization.

Furthermore, teachers at Beautyful Minds are also strongly trained in targeted teaching. Hence they are able to respond to students just as efficiently when they are tackling different topics and concepts, rather than impose a fixed syllabus on all students. If all students are following a standardised course outline, it is inevitable that there will be students who do not learn what they are being tested on in school at any one point in time, thus wasting their time.

If the learning pace is too fast or slow in schools and at other centres, fret not. Geniebook caters exactly to each student’s individual learning curve. With over 50’000 questions tagged at different difficulty levels, all students will be covered regardless of their standards.

Despite all that, it doesn’t mean that the students are completely isolated. When the topics overlap, the teacher will bring everyone together to study as a group and learn from one another’s mistakes or even engage in discussion. All students at Beautyful Minds are also connected via the Geniebook network which automatically reviews the average scores of all students across 5 outlets, allowing them to gauge their own performances against an average benchmark at all times.

By enabling students to keep to their own progress even while studying in a group, Beautyful Minds is taking tuition in Singapore to the next level. It is the solution to those who seek to allow their children to experience education in more ways than one. The trend has started; the bandwagon is picking up speed. Hop on before you get left in the dust!

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