Growing Your Own Herb Garden

How about starting a herb garden with your child? Thought it would be nice to share with the parents here and give you some ideas on how to cultivate your child’s interest in plants and nature.

If u live in a flat or apartment, then all u need is a small area to grow your herb garden. U can even use the corridor. Find a sunny spot for your garden with good/strong sunlight streaming in for at least 1/2 a day. Of course, if you live in a house with wide open spaces, then all the more better for the plants to thrive and grow.

Currently, my mini and humble herb garden consists of basil, rosemary, borage, sunflower and corn. I have been using the basil leaves and rosemary in my cooking. Intend to grow other herbs and plants soon.

You can buy ready potted basil, rosemary and borage at any nursery. As for the sunflower and corn, we buy the seeds from Cold Storage – or u can also get them at the nursery – and just grow them in pots.

When at the nursery, ask the staff to help u get the relevant pots and fertilisers. When growing sunflower and corn, must exercise patience. I think it took abt 2-3 months before we see the flower blooming and the corn budding.

In fact, my dd2 has taken great interest and fascination in nature and plants and she waters them diligently. Dh will help her with the growing and at the same time teaches her about plant care. It was nice watching father and daughter enjoying an activity together. Am proud to announce that the sunflower and corn are grown by her. When my basil and borage were growing "wildly", she even repots them for me into other smaller pots, on her own. 

Here are some pics…

Baby basil

Mommy basil

Borage plant

Rosemary plant

Teeny tiny baby corn

Budding sunflower

… and TA DA… our pride and joy,

Sunflower in full glory

My girls were very excited that the sunflower is blooming in time for VDay. Said that it’s their VDay present for their mommy…. awww…. 

Hope this will inspire some of u to start a mini herb garden with your kids too. In fact, it’s very therapeutic to see a bit of nature in the house. Balm for the soul, especially in this rat race world.  

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the Inspiration

schweppes, u hv green fingers but i hv poison ivy fingers…whatever i grew attracted millipedes, ants and what not…

seeing yr herb garden inspires the cook in me to relook at my pathetic corner and do something about it.  heading to the nursery to overhaul my "poisonous" garden.

thanks so much






sounds fun. but too lazy to

sounds fun. but too lazy to do gardening

ooh, ok, thanks so much!

ooh, ok, thanks so much!

Haha... thanks Buds, so

Haha… thanks Buds, so sweet of you to drop by as I know u are busy with baby 

Eh… must confess that dh and dd2 are the ones with green fingers and thumbs. Me, I’m all thumbs  As for having a big garden, I wish!!!  Currently living in a hole in a wall  but there’s a spot in the living room that has direct sunlight for most part of the day. That really helps a lot and that’s why the sunflower cd thrive.

Haha… glad u like my little ditty regarding the bread article. That piece was inspired as I wrote it whilst savouring bread smells coming in from the kitchen. Thank goodness for some Tangs vouchers to redeem, so that helped offset the selling price. 

Aww… thanks for your encouragement. Sometimes I wonder how I manage my life too. Balancing family, work, and everything else in between. And no maid too.  *give myself pat on shoulder* For sure, I feel very tired and there’s a lot of sacrifice made on my part. But at the end of the day, no regrets.  Anyway, am very blessed that dh is a very hands-on daddy and husband. And definitely more patient than me  As for my girls, they are very sweet and help out with housework whenever they can. Call them mommy’s elves at home 

Thanks duriz, wow, so nice

Thanks duriz, wow, so nice to be able to grow acocadoes, lime and citronella shrubs. The latter is good for keeping mozzies away. Yah… flowers are very tricky to grow!! 

hi tjm, a few possible

hi tjm, a few possible reasons if plants don’t thrive as well. Sometimes, it cd be a weak or sick plant and the roots are rotting. Or it can be due to lack of sufficient sunlight. Sometimes, lack of nutrients. Basically, they need TLC 

As for fertilisers, dh is the one who will be fertilising the plants. According to dh, go to the nursery and ask for "Slow Release Fertiliser". The trade name is Osmocote. My dds will do the watering. Hw, as dd2 has an interest in flora and fauna, sometimes she will loosen the soil and report certain plants.


how do you get them to thrive so well?
i water my plants regularly too but they don’t look so healthy. i’ve got several that died on me! do you add the fertiliser yourself or you let your kids do it?
thanks for sharing!

Wowser Mummy schweppes,

Wowser Mummy schweppes, that is a BOOTIFUL & YELLOWY sunflower *kudos*

We cannot seem to plant any flowers at home, they all died a most tragic death – roses, azaleas, African violets …

But we do have some success with trees – avocadoes, lime and a few citronella shrubs. We also have Thai basil for cooking.

When it was raining, I complain about getting wet during gardening. Now that it’s hot, I complain about getting burnt. Can’t win them all



Heyya schweppes!

I lurrrrvvve yer beeeeaaauuuutiful sunflower!  You must have a big garden space, growing all those healthy plants you got there… a spacious one that can shine the light on all of them evenly. Or do you move them as and when… As therapeutic as it may seem and sound, i have the bluest fingers around. Plants die under my hands.. i dislike slugs, worms, bugs and the clan that comes with plant growing but on and off, for school project reasons i try to be a role model for my girls and try not to go eeeekks too much. Mwahahaa!  Plus, it does not help that we do not have that much sunlight shining into a specific area to grow some other than the living room…

I take my hat off ya…  Btwn juggling yer girls… the hubs and the Eagles… breadmaking (psstt… btw i went right down to 7-11 to buy Gardenia’s California Raisin bread after reading your article on breadmaking… ) and work too… you still have time to nurture your garden. 

I’m assuming your hubby likes to get his hands dirty in the garden with you too? 


Some plants need to be

Some plants need to be watered daily and it may also be that certain varieties of plant "drink" or absorb more water than other plants. Check the soil. Also, it cd be a case of evaporation, especially since the plants are under strong sunlight. Hope that clarifies. Anyway, don’t give up on your plants. Must give TLC – tender loving care

Haha imacsg, your garden

Haha imacsg, your garden needs some of your tender loving care again. Wd be nice to fill the house with nature 

Very nice and inspiring article

I have few plants at my home but dunno why they get dry after few months.. though I regularly water them and sunlight also quite nice..

I have a small garden but

I have a small garden but did not take care of them.  After reading, it is time for me to do some gardening before the plant die off.

Thanks DesertWind, yes,

Thanks DesertWind, yes, yellow flowers are so cheerful. Looking at the sunflower gives one a sense of hope. As mentioned, must be very patient during the growing stage. It took about 3 months before we saw anything. In the initial stage, it was just a tall stem growing with some leaves. And then, suddenly, before we knew it, it was slowly budding and the flower just bloomed recently. Guess, good things must wait. 

Hi schweppes, Wow, so

Hi schweppes,

Wow, so encouraging and beautiful sunflower!  Didn’t know it can grow so well in Singapore and in a pot too.  I will certainly buy the seeds from Cold Storage and try growing it.  I love yellow flowers too!

Most welcome, kaka. Yes...

Most welcome, kaka. Yes… yes… must give growing your own herbs a try. Anyway, there’s always a first time, so maybe start small and slow first. I find it very therapeutic to be pottering around plants after the day’s work.  

This is inspiring ...

This is inspiring … especially I love sunflowers!  I also like to eat chili 🙂  these are the two plants I will start with though I have never done gardening of any sorts before.  Thanks for the inspiration, schweppes

Thanks jangoh... yes...

Thanks jangoh… yes… yes… must restart your herb garden again. Share some pics if u do 

Thanks ksme. I also dont

Thanks ksme. I also dont have green fingers leh but just gave it a try. Why don’t u do the same. Am sure all of u will have some family fun!! 

Thanks Angmum, yes dd2 is

Thanks Angmum, yes dd2 is vey excited with her sunflower. Very convenient to have my own herb garden. Everytime I need something when cooking, just yell out to one of my girls to cut some for me. haha…  

Thanks Chenonceau, *hi

Thanks Chenonceau, *hi five* 

Thanks Angelight. Hey... u

Thanks Angelight. Hey… u never know until u give it a try!! Go for it!! 

Eh… i think quite hard to grow lavender plants lah. Dont think our climate conditions is suitable for the plant’s growth here 

Thanks BlurBee, alamak...

Thanks BlurBee, alamak… your poor borage plant needs sunlight lah. Does ur dd’s room have enough strong sunlight – at least 1/2 a day to sustain the plant? Actually, I like the borage plant. Some people drink borage tea – good for eczema. But I grow it for the smell – has a nice peppery aroma that fills the house

Thanks MummyThreeStreams,

Thanks MummyThreeStreams, have given a more detailed a/c of how to grow your herb garden in the main forum. Maybe u can have a read here

Don’t give up. It’s nice having a herb garden. So convenient when cooking spaghetti and u can use your own herbs 

Thanks AgenesMM, haha....

Thanks AgenesMM, haha…. maybe time to prune away the weeds and lallang and give your garden a new lease of life!! 

very nice. we have a garden

very nice. we have a garden but not utilized – wild grass now.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs, but I’m hopeless with plants. Even cacti have died under my care. I tried basil once (the potted kind from cold storage) but that died too! But your post has given me food for thought. Maybe I should try again.

Apart from growing the herbs in a sunny location, what else can I do to make sure they thrive? How often do you water them? Do they need fertilizer?

Thanks for sharing

Wow, wat a nice herb garden.

I’d placed a pot of Borage plant (or something looks like it?) in my DD’s room but it’s gone now. 

Looks like I can’t be a gardener.

Wow! Reading your article

Wow! Reading your article made me want to start growing flowers and herbs too.  But I don’t have green fingers, neither has DH. So not sure if my little herb garden will materialise…

Actually, I’ve thought of growing lavender plants. Any idea if they will survive in our climate?

I love this post. I have a

I love this post. I have a Mediterranean herb garden too!!

Schweppes, i have always

Schweppes, i have always wanna to start a herb garden, but keep procrastinating. It’s good to have a herb garden as when u’re in need of some herbs during cooking, u can simply just pluck from there. 🙂

Your dd2 must be overjoyed to see the sunflower bloom. what’s a Beautiful sunflower!!!

Beautiful sunflower!

I don’t have green fingers but I am inspired too! Especially the sunflower! Great job by your family.

herb garden

you have certainly inspired me to restart my herb garden!  we had to our herb garden behind when we shifted house.  thanks for this article.

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