Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) – Go Away !

HFMD, together with Chicken Pox and H1N1, always send shivers down every parents!
When there is an outbreak, everybody tense up.
We read about increasing cases, new HFMD records, and you start thinking about the "WILL.." and the "WHEN…"!!

In the event of an outbreak, teachers and parents must work together to clamp down, and break the germ’s cycle. Looking at the pictures below , maybe we can guess why this disease is called HFMD?

However, Daddy suspect the weakest link is always We parents.
..complacent, ignorant or even bochap (nonchalant).

Some misconception about HFMD
– I got it before, so there will be resistance
– adult cannot get it, or transmits the germs to children
– if my kids do not attend childcare, we are safe ( parents forget common playgrounds)

Please visit these sites for the facts and latest updates :

Yet when we ask the parents, everybody know about HFMD’s symptoms!
..yes, the usual fevers, rashes, blisters, ulcers.
Hey, we even know how the germs are tranmitted via fluids, and close contacts!!

Parents only fail to follow up with medical consultation, when they suspect their kid is unwell. They will risk putting their sick child in childcare,
potentially triggering a second wave of HFMD cycles!

Personal hygiene should be practised, with or without any disease outbreaks.
Video : wash our hands (thoroughly)
www.youtube.com/watch#Credit..images above are taken from hpb.gov.sg

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when sick stay home

I think the most common cause of hfmd is because some irresponsible parents choose to ignore sick child and send them to school. they really should think of others. 

i have seen many cases where the parent tries to leave after dropping off their kid and when called back, the look on their faces were, bad luck! i got caught!

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