Happy Valentines’ Day

From the beginning of being Dad’s pamper girl, who never did any housechores before in my past 20 ++ years till my status now as a SAHM, who need to do housechores, cooking and look after our child and in-laws when they are sick… All thanks to HIM.

Thanks Dear,

1) For so many years, you have been so blur as my hubby and rarely gets what I want for my birthdays, valentines’ day or Xmas even when I drop you many obvious hints every now and then… Until I give up and just ask you to buy me straight away.

2) For so many years being so patience with me esp when I throw tantrums for so many times and you can still don’t understand why I am angry about, so you just keep quiet…

3) For so many years you give me lots of oppontunities to demonstrate my ‘Excellent’ cooking to your family (His mum is really a good cook).. Till now I still don’t have any confidence with my cooking.

4) For so many years, you make me nag at you for the same mistakes for so many years…

Thanks for making this marriage so perfect and sweet… Thanks for the flowers you send to my workplace last year on our Anniversary. We are still at our beginning stage of our marriage, lots of things to learn, lots of obstacles to overcome, and lots of love and happiness to share with..

Happy Valentines’ Day to You! Aishiteru!

Regards to :Thanks for your encouragement


U frighten me leh! hahaa… Gosh!!i was so surprised that u had replied. I tot i was just a few mins away on my msgr only..  hahaa…. (i also realized that this is the 2nd blog that i had post my comments n I boo boo again.) I didnt realized that i hv nt fill in the SUBJECT heading lo.  Sigh… "Jia luck" haha…

Dun mention Jenniferjoey. U’r welcome.  U will but dun too pressurize urself as well. e Pressure can spread to the kids n family members too bcos it can be a kind of tension. Enjoy every phrase of ur life.. as a mum, as a wife, as daughter in law… i knw it is nt easy many times it is v difficult and very trying. But dun give up u ll see ur reward in due time. Just like planting and harvesting principle ya?

Glad that u’r thankful n grateful despite ur own pressure n challenges u faced. Be bold & love & being love that is what every kids, parents, hubby and wife, grannies all needed. Keep it up and keep keeping going 

Love is an action word- it is of sacrifice u made… May u be envelope by Love n motivate tru the power of Love. Be bless. 

#Btw, How old is your girl now? I m stil v unfamiliar with how to go about n still like that lo…lost… ? haha…

…stil in the pot…

Thanks for your Encouragement

Thanks Inspired_Love,

I used to work in very stressful Environment, that I always dreamt of my works and  I fainted many times when I was having my girl. With me now as a SAHM, I really home I can make it again. Hope Every Mummies to be and Mummies have wonderful years with your children and guide your children well and learn from them too.

 hi Jenniferjoey, Hope i

 hi Jenniferjoey,

Hope i got ur name right. 🙂  Pass by ur blog after my reply to a msg. the 2nd blog that i hv read here since i signed up. Wanna encourage u keep on trying dun give up. I’m sure u can do it & knw what u are already on ur way to ur goal…  

Hope against all hope, Faith in ur Hope, Love above all else, Love is the excellence way my friend (if u dun mind.) The taste of cooking is beyond just taste – it is the special ingredients that was PUT inside LOVE – that makes it tastier, sweeter, richer, fresher above all else. (doing it with ur heart u hv already put the special ingredients inside.) Sometime, others may nt realized it but it is thru time they ll discover the great differences. ONLY TIME CAN TELL…

Belated happy valentine’s day! May u always love and being loved n be strengthen. 

Good spirit- a thankful heart is a grateful heart.


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