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Health Tips for Kids

Healthy habits should be seeded in a child during the childhood days. Healthy diet, healthy habits, and healthy routines should be taught to our children. A healthy thought infused in childhood will help the child when he or she turns into responsible individual.  Listed below are some health tips for children.

First of all teach the children about the importance of a healthy routine. Give them healthy breakfast as breakfast is the most important meal, especially for a child. Add a lot of fruits and vegetables in children’s diet. A healthy diet is what it all needs to make the children healthy basically. If the child avoids fruits, then go for fruit juices or salads. But make sure the child gets fruits’ extracts.


Children may not be aware of lots of health issues.  Teaching them the importance of health and fitness is a responsibility of us, parents.  Make the child drink enough amount of water.  Teach children basic exercises and make them do exercises daily.  Basic exercises like walking, skipping or swimming can be incorporated.  This will help them grow stronger.  Hygiene is the most important issue that should be taught to children.  Instruct them to wash hands before and after meals.  Make them brush their teeth twice daily.  Good dental care is vital at a young age since their gums are not strong.


Educate our children on ill effects of chocolates, ice creams, and fried foods etc. But don’t be too strict when they wish to consume those items. Make sure that they don’t grow as a habit. My child does not particularly like chocolates, but she does eat them during exam periods, to destress. 


Children need vitamins in large amount and sometimes they cannot gain enough vitamins from the food.  In that case consult a doctor to meet the child’s vitamin needs. The doctor may recommend some supplements and tonics.  Give those supplements to the children as doctor advised.  Alternatively, we may also purchase Multi-Vitamin tablets and Vitamin C tablets from the pharmacy for our child as these usually do not need prescription. 


Make sure the child gets enough amount of sleep.  A child needs to sleep more than adults.  Keep them active throughout the day and they will automatically get a good sleep at night because of the tiredness.  We can also tell them some bedtime stories to make them fall asleep.


Lastly, children generally expect lots of love and affection during the early days. So always instruct children with loads of love and they will definitely become smart and healthy.  Happy parenting!


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Perfect Article for Childhood Health Information

Yes, I am also agree breakfast is the key to health success and I have experienced it personally when I was not taking breakfast myself. Now, I have come to now It is how much important to have healthy breakfast for all not only for child.  However, we should must get our children healthy breakfast to eat on daily basis. Thank you very much for this kind health information. And we should also feed our youngsters alimentary foods thrice every day to stay their system healthy, and confirm the meals embrace all the food teams to make sure they\’re obtaining lots of vitamins.

You are welcome, Angelight.

You are welcome, Angelight.

Thanks for sharing these

Thanks for sharing these tips, Happy Mama!

You're welcome, Autumnbronze

You’re welcome, Autumnbronze dear….

You are welcome, amylqf. :))

You are welcome, amylqf. :))

Great Tips

Great Tips, Happy Mama.

Thanks for sharing ….




Haha... Yes, how true! :)

Haha… Yes, how true! 🙂

An excellent piece of information!

As what chief had corrected; you are what you have eaten! Start from young!

You are welcome, smartmummy.

You are welcome, smartmummy.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!

Yes that's true, Augmum... Is

Yes that’s true, Augmum… Is that why your DD is doing so well? :))

Yes, breakfast is an impt meal

Yes, breakfast is an impt meal for kids "to start" their brain working after being "short of glucose" feed to the brain for nearly 8 hrs. Glucose  is the only fuel nomally used by the brain cells.

so….parents need to ensure the breakfast does consist of both protein and carbohydrates food to start of the day.

and yes, Sleep is equally impt too.

You are welcome, LKVM. :)

You are welcome, LKVM. 🙂

Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for this article and I agree to have enough sleep!!

That's true, Brenda10,

That’s true, Brenda10, especially when kids are in the morning session…

Yes, breakfast is the most

Yes, breakfast is the most important meal. As the saying goes, we’ve got to Eat like a King during breakfast. Haha!

You are welcome, BlurBee. :)

You are welcome, BlurBee. 🙂

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing :) DS must

Thanks for sharing 🙂

DS must have breakfast no matter what… coz mommy cant continue the day w/o breakfast haha 🙂

Thanks for sharing

Agree! Think breakfast is the most important meal to keep a child active and energetic for a busy da.

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