HealthHub allows parents to better take charge of children’s health

When Mr Lim Seng Pheng, a father of a Primary 6 child, read about the new HealthHub, he eagerly logged in to the online health information and services portal with his SingPass to check his child’s medical records. “I have actually lost track of what vaccinations my son had since birth – there were so many. Now with this new service, I have such information at my fingertips.”

HealthHub was jointly launched in October 2015, an initiative by the Ministry of Health is aimed at increasing health literacy and healthy living. Tech-savvy parents like Mr Lim will have more reasons to cheer as they can now easily take charge of their family’s well-being through the health-related content, key medical records and e-services offered by HealthHub – online and via its eponymous mobile application.

So how exactly can HealthHub benefit you and your children? Here are some common parents’ needs that this portal addresses.

When you need to check your children’s medical records…

Apart from retrieving your own health and medical records such as hospital discharge summaries, lab test results for chronic diseases, screening records and future medical appointments, you as parents can also view your children’s key medical health records drawn from various public health services repositories. So, say if your child is born from 1 January 1996, his or her immunisation records with the public hospital will be available. Moreover, keeping track of your child’s visits to the school dentist and other referral letters can all be done on this one-stop portal.

When you need to find a doctor fast…

The HDB estate where Madam Stephanie Low’s family lives does not have a clinic which opens till late. She remembers being in a dilemma when her young daughter suddenly developed a fever in the middle of the night and she had a difficult time locating the nearest walk-in clinic. With HealthHub’s Singapore Healthcare Directory, parents can do a quick search for the nearest and most appropriate medical services like clinics, polyclinics and even retail pharmacies by postal code.

When you want to be informed on what is good for your kids…

Just as prevention is better than cure, taking charge of one’s health is very much about your choices made every day, not just when medical problems arise. If you need ideas on how to improve your family’s diet, or want to know what exercises are suitable for you and your kids, HealthHub offers myriads of general health and wellness content to help your family adopt a healthy daily lifestyle.

For example, one of the articles on the portal, Who Says Healthy Food Can’t Taste Good, suggests a ‘Makan Makeover’ by adding more colours to your plate. Dishes with a variety of colourful vegetables give you a vitamin boost as much as encourage picky young eaters to consume a more balanced meal. The article also suggests an Icy Mango Cream recipe that you can have fun making with your kids for a fruity and wholesome dessert.

Besides learning tips on what’s good and good for you, you can even sniff out healthier options at Healthier Eateries, by location, to try the next time you dine out with the kids, or book your calendar for interesting events such as nutrition demonstrations on how to prepare food for babies or therapeutic art sessions.

What’s more, when you share health articles or events read on HealthHub on social media platforms, you can also earn ‘Healthpoints’ that can be converted into rewards such as Plus! LinkPoints. Additionally, HealthHub’s mobile app users can enjoy special deals at various healthcare, wellness, recreation, fitness and food and beverage establishments.

This initial release of HealthHub is designed to solicit user suggestions, so that the portal and mobile application can be enhanced in future. In the pipeline are new features such as push notifications for student health and dental appointments. Already, some users are hoping that they can access more family members’ details since they have to take care of not only young kids but elderly parents as well.

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