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Help Our Children Succeed in a Fast-Evolving World

The technology advancement and changes in the last decade has caught many of us off-guard. New positions and new jobs have been created to meet that growth. New skills and new knowledge are required to succeed in such a fast-paced and fast-evolving world that we live in.

Are we preparing our children enough to take on this future?

Knowledge is doubling at mind-boggling speed. Textbook information that used to take us years to learn in school can now be found and learned in a matter of days, if not, hours.

Will our children have what it takes to succeed in such an environment?

We cannot predict what will happen in the next 10 or 20 years. But, one thing’s for sure is that textbook knowledge and the ability to regurgitate information is no longer sufficient.

There’s been so much buzz about focusing more on developing our children, preparing them for the 21st century and moving beyond just examinations and school grades.

To truly develop our children holistically, we need to give them skills that goes beyond the classroom. We need to teach them to be observant to their environment, to ask the right questions to lead them to solutions, to analyse and process information efficiently, to be focused in what they set out to do and more!

When our children are equipped with these capabilities, they will then have the confidence to handle any challenges and tasks, not just in school, but in life!

Take action today. Look beyond grades, Invest in our children’s future NOW!



Article contributed by Thinkersbox

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