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Help Your Child be a Learning Champion in 2016

Ask any champion athletes how they arrived at the top performance of their sports or what they did to achieve peak performance, and you can be sure that besides natural talent and gift, each of these sports champions began by working and building their sports fundamentals before they move on to sharpen their skills and ‘master’ their game. And even when they are at the top, they still consistently put in hard work and effort to fine-tune these fundamentals.

In the same way, if we were to ask ‘How can my child be a Learning Champion and achieve his/her true learning potential?’

The answer is: We need to improve the child’s intellectual fundamentals!

So, what kind of intellectual fundamentals are we talking about?

Fundamentals such as:

  • Relational Thinking: so that they can ‘see’ the link and understand the relations between ideas and concepts (for problem sums and reading comprehension)
  • Visual Skills: so that they can be careful when copying or transferring answers and not make silly careless mistakes (for maths working and spelling of words)
  • Auditory Skills: so that they can focus and listen well to what the teacher is teaching in class (for mental sums and being able to follow instructions)
  • Memory Skills: so that they can recall and remember what they have learned or practiced (to be able to display their knowledge during examinations)

These fundamentals play a critical role at every stage of our child’s learning process – from beginning to learn the alphabet to being able to apply concepts to solve questions.

And just as a tennis player will work on his fundamentals of footwork, strokes, ball service, etc, to stay on top of his game; we also need to help our child build up strong fundamentals for learning performance at all levels.

Join us for a FREE INITIAL BRAIN PROFILE to get a deeper understanding of your child’s intellectual fundamentals and how you can help them become a learning champion in 2016!


Article contributed by ThinkersBox – A Cognitive Development Specialist

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