Help your child gain that W@W factor in composition writing + Win $100 course voucher

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How much of your life is spent trying to help your child gain that W@W factor in his composition writing?



Here at WR!TERS@WORK, we can relate to your frustrations as parents.  

Your frustrations can double when you repeatedly encounter the same comments by the teacher at the end of your child’s compositions.

Bad composition results can further demoralise your child, and worse – breed a fear of writing.

It is time to work with WR!TERS@WORK, the experts in composition writing. When writing and analytical skills are taught in a systematic way, it can maximise your child’s interest and confidence in writing.

Help your child gain that W@W factor and attain full marks in his composition writing:

  •        Learn diverse story plots and build vocabulary through results-driven curriculum
  •        Master planning and writing compositions systematically
  •        Gain exam-smart strategies through in-house examinations and targeted assessments


We are proud that our efforts in developing our WR!TE Results-Driven Curriculum have paid off. 92% of our 2016 PSLE cohort achieved A* and A in English.

Here are two excerpts from compositions written by our A* students:

Raging Inferno (climax)

Regaining her composure, Clare grabbed a blanket within her reach and tried to beat out the raging flames frantically. However, it was to no avail. Filled with a deepening sense of panic, tears of horror streamed down her pale face. Her lungs felt dry and her throat was parched. Orange red flames licked at the mattress and the walls. Soon, the fire engulfed the entire bed. The fire spread like a ravenous monster, devouring the rest of the furniture in the bedroom. Knowing that she was unable to cease the fire, Clare dragged her flabbergasted brother and made a beeline for the main door. 

Kew Ling Wei, Primary 3 WR!TE
Raffles Girls’ Primary School 

The Crack of Dawn (introduction)

“I love you, you love me …” The dreaded song filled John’s ears, rousing him from his sweet slumber. That horrible, vile purple thing filled the television screen yet again. His brother, Jack, had woken up earlier than him and was glued to the television, featuring his favourite character, Barney. Wiping away the sleepiness from his eyes, John yanked the doors of the wardrobe opened, and grabbed a few pieces of clothing. It was then he realised that he had run out of clean underwear. 

Dylan Tan Qing Han, Primary 6 WR!TE
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
1st in Cohort for SA1 English Composition


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