Help Your Child To Love Homework

My boy has started at a new kindergarten for N1 and he has weekly homework plus reading tests. Just share what we have done to show some positive results. 

I was so worried when the school told us that there’s homework cos I was worried that he’ll resist doing homework that we had a ‘plan’.  It was tough cos we wanted him to love homework and did not want him to feel forced.

First homework came on Wednesday. It was a writing practice on the number ‘1’. Then came the 2nd piece of homework, a writing practice on small letter ‘a’. And there were flashcards for him to practice reading (both English & Chinese).

My hb, maid and I figured out a ‘plan’:

  1. Get a nice comfortable table for him (new one).  Told him it’s his table for doing written work (allowed him to take rough paper to scribble and colour using the table before school started)
  2. When he gets home, get him to empty his bag & when he takes out the homework, make the homework sound exciting (‘Wow! You’ve got some writing to do! It’s going to be fun! Mummy/Daddy/Auntie will do it with you after lunch ok?’ or ‘Clever boy is going to show Mummy/Daddy/Auntie how clever he is when he writes nicely!’)
  3. When it’s time, get him to help set up the table (take his pencil case with his pencils and colour materials)
  4. Allow him to do some coloring (either on the worksheet if there are pictures to be coloured or on another colouring sheet), then once he’s enjoying it, ask him to write ‘1’ to show us.
  5. Allow him to do as many as he like (there were around 15 boxes of ‘1’ he had to trace), he stopped after around 8 of them. I just let him take a break and told him to drink some water, have a biscuit (of cos wash his hands first) and continue after nap.  Wake up from nap, he watched some TV, had his milk and snack and continued with his writing. Finished his homework on the same day.

As he did his work, my maid & I were praising him on his nice handwriting. Sometimes he did not trace properly, I’ll just ask him if that looks nice and he replied ‘it’s not perfect!’. He took the eraser and attempted to erase (I say attempted because he did the action of rubbing the paper but the pencil mark was still there cos he does not know how to erase properly). Then he made sure all were perfect and we got him to put it back neatly into the folder and keep it into his bag immediately.

The next day we actually got him started on the next piece of homework: writing ‘a’. The start of the worksheet has some colouring activity (colour all the apples). So he started colouring (he chose the colour and colours out of line but we just let him be).

Got him to start tracing and he finished everything at one go. He was so pleased with himself! He got stickers as reward from me.  After that, he actually went to his bookshelf, pulled out the book which I bought for him (tracing lines and small letters) and requested to do it too!

He’s hooked!

We started allowing him to have the freedom to draw, colour and scribble in his book (I bought many exercise books for him) or on rough paper (I have a stack of recycled paper for him). Inspired by TAMARIND‘s girl   He liked drawing/writing exercises and this made the transition to ‘HOMEWORK’ much easier. Plus he sees students at my place doing their work quietly at the study table, and it helps me to explain to him that everyone has to do homework so they’ll be clever. You can create this by ‘doing work’ yourself! It could be just simple a word search or word puzzle or Sudoku! It’s good to exercise our minds too.

If your kids are still young, do try to make it fun for them. Make them LOVE HOMEWORK.  I keep telling my boy that he’s so smart and clever because he managed to finish his homework. I think all kids want to hear that, whether their homework was well done or not. It’s a good start cos they’ll learn to take pride in their work.

If your kids are already school going children, do make the effort to praise them and reward them for doing their homework. It may not be very well done but you can still praise them for completing their work on time and tell them to try harder the next time so that they will feel proud of their work and themselves.

If we, parents, give a positive vibe about homework, I’m sure the kids will start to love it too!  Let’s start creating a love for homework in our kids!

P/S: I hated homework when I was in Primary school. But when I was in Sec school & my mum allowed me to redecorate my room & allowed me to choose my own study table, I started to love doing homework. It gave me a sense of pride to be sitting at MY TABLE – the table I CHOSE and LOVE – doing homework.


good article. it will be good to instil confidence in children nowadays.

tks for sharing

tks for sharing

Good Job

I think its a good start. May i know which kindergaten is that? Seems like they are very academic.


Good sharing.My son just

Good sharing.My son just started his P1.Started bringing home works.I used to follow the same strategy.I decorated his room with his own paintings.And all the time I used to arrange his book shelves to keep his room neat.I encourage him to finish his homeworks by saturday itself and the he can relax and enjoy his sundays with his favourate TV shows and computer games.

no worries, Mrs Wong

 We all know what’s best for our child. Just that I’m out of touch with preschool education and wondering if its the norm now.



Mathsparks, I signed up

Mathsparks, I signed up without realising that they have homework at N1! That’s why I said that my hb & I had to come up with a plan. My hb & I believe in discipline so setting homework time was a ‘sooner or later’ event. We are not worried about burn out because his homework is simple and done very quickly. He enjoys it cos he gets praised & rewards all the time. It’s not forced either, if he wants to do something else, we’ll just come back to hmwk later 🙂

thanks for the tip, Mrs

thanks for the tip, Mrs Wong!


i agree with you on keeping a routine and homework time.  My boy played like mad and i didn’t set a routine and homework time during the nov/dec holidays and now, though school has started, his brain is thinking of playing ALL THE TIME!  Although he doesn’t have any homework since he is only in P1, still…  there should be some form of disclipine to be able to pick up a book to read or some worksheet to do even for that 15 mins…  I’ve to pull him back and sit him down tomorrow onwards and set a routine so that he will be used to homework time.  and when the time comes, he can do his homework without anyone screaming at him.


Homework at N1???

Shocked to read about homework at N1. is this the norm now? Aren’t they supposed to be playing only? Unless playtime is now disguised as homework.

My 17 yo told me she’s really glad to be born in the 90s, though she complained the education system’s tough, it will be much tougher on her cousins who’d just started p1.

Just kaypoh a bit, be careful of burnout before they even reach p1. But I guess, being an educator yourself, mrs wong, you’d already figured that out too.


Interesting to note that

Interesting to note that there is a preschool that is so much focus on academic.. homework and spelling test for N1. I guess it will be very stressful for those year end children and of course parents. Nevertheless, it is another mode for busy parents who may not be able to coach personally most of the times and yet worried about preparing them well for P1.

Able to share which school is that?

Homework of not, i think

Homework of not, i think it’s a good idea to train the kids foir "homework" time.

I started doing that with DD since she was in K1, starting from 30 min and then progressing to 1hr of "homework time". During that time, we did reading, some foundation workbooks and even puzzles.  The idea was to create a routine so that she will not get culture shock when she gets to Primary School.

This need not be just work time but also time you set aside to spend with her. To my DD it’s quality time with Mommy, working alongside with her.

I would always create incentive for completing the "homework time" – my DD’s favourite reward was doing the "join-the-dots" puzzles or "Spot the difference" puzzles – which i got from popular book store.

Now that she is in P1, it’s so natural for her to adhere to this "homework" time – She surprises me  by she actually checking her handbook to see if she has homework from school and does it on her own, during the "homework time"

You all should try it out – create the format which suits your child and then evolve from there.



Yes it is a wonderful advice. children need loads of praices and encouragement. My luck my daughter’s kindergarten started giving her home work when she was in K2. Started with spelling, writing sentences and drawing matching pictures etc. And she brings it on fridays only. just curious to know which Kindergarten is he attending?  By the way she started her P1 this yr. but there is no home work in her bag


I enjoy reading your blog. I think you have written very good and useful advise for other parents. I am also glad to know that you find my girl inspiring 🙂


Forgot to mention, I think

Forgot to mention, I think the school only accepts students based on their actual age, minimum 2.5 yo. Mine is a Jan 07 baby.

Yes, the curriculum hours

Yes, the curriculum hours is short so they do not have time to allow the children to do more writing practise in class. That is why there is homework. The reading test is suppose to serve as a revision to ensure that the children are learning in class.

I like the reading test as it is using flashcards which we have been doing at home. Writing is quite alright as we have been doing it all along at home as part of his play time. He gets to doodle in the books my wife bought for him. He can pick and choose which books he wants to write in by selecting from the kiddy shelf.

Replying on behalf of my

Replying on behalf of my wife. Mr Wong here.

Actually, this pre-school we chose is very academic. Thats why we agreed on it. It helps us to cover the academic aspects very well so that we minimise academic-related enrichments and can spare more cash to let him join other classes that interest him, like drumming lesson, other music/dance lessons and drama classes.

We did not know there was homework until we made payment. The principal was explaining to your maid on what to expect in his schoolbag. Thats why we were stressed and thinking of how to introduce the concept of homework and making fun for him.

Same here, I was quite

Same here, I was quite surprised when I read the 1st paragraph. Homework and reading tests for N1 kids???? If a kid is born in yr-end, he/she is just 2yr plus old.

Just curious... why is the

Just curious… why is the kindergarten giving homework for N1?  That’s 3 years old, right?  Is it because the number of hours in the school is really short and they have no time?

helping yr child to love dd

helping yr child to love dd homework is also helping yrself in another way!
U dont need to scream and shout for him to do his homework!

Together, let’s learn to encourage all our child to love dd homework!

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