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Zookal is Singapore’s best kept secret. Until now. 

Zookal is Singapore’s largest online hub for study resources, providing materials such as videos, notes, summary sheets and past papers for a variety of levels including:

  • PSLE
  • Secondary School (including O Levels)
  • JC (A Levels) 
  • University 

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All of the materials on the website are FREE.

However, and most importantly, the materials are created by verified top students and professional teachers. Check out the materials for yourself at

Some of the courses we cover include Maths, Science and English. We are adding more materials each and everyday, so sign up and don’t miss out on the latest and greatest supplementary study materials. 

Here is a quick interview with Lim Jie Le, a Secondary School student who has recently used Zookal to supplement her learning. 

Jon : Hi Jie Le, thanks for coming in for this interview, really appreciate it. 

Jie Le: It’s okay, my pleasure!

Jon: Ok, let’s get started, so how did you come across Zookal?

Jie Le: Well, one of my friends told me about it at school who had found the website.

Jon: What got you interested in looking at

Jie Le: I heard that there were some interesting videos on there that were made from some students who did really, really well at their O Levels and I wanted to see if there was anything that I was missing out on. 

Jon: Thanks, which course were you looking at and did you find anything helpful?

Jie Le: I searched for Chemistry because this is a tough subject that I have had some difficulties with and I wanted to see if this would help me in anyway. And it was free so I thought I may as well have a look at what it can offer. Umm, yes I watched a video by Wei Yi Koh, which was pretty damn good. Like, I really enjoyed the parts of her O Levels Chemistry course where she talked about her experience preparing for finals and giving out some pointers for how to best go about learning the concepts, but also scoring for the exam. 

Jon: Would you recommend it to other students?

Jie Le: Yes, I have recommended it to my close friends because they are also struggling with some topics in Chemistry. But there are a whole bunch of different courses you can browse through. Even though I did not take some courses, I can still look at the different topics that are covered which is really important. Getting perspectives from past students is really helpful, so it is great that I can do this online and for free, whenever I want. 

Jon: What recommendations would you have to parents about Zookal?

Jie Le: I would recommend that you do try it out, because ultimately if it helps boost your grades then it is worth it. Especially because you can conveniently learn from the video in your own time, or download a summary sheet and read it later as well. I use the materials in addition to the notes I take from class to build my own notes to prepare for exams. I share this with friends too. 

Jon: Would you ever create materials for Zookal?

Jie Le: Haha, sure. If I can do as well as the other tutors on here, I would love to make some materials for new students. Perhaps they are facing similar difficulties and I can help them! 

Jon: Thanks for your time, Jie Le. 

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