Herb marinated pork chops stuffed with mozarella cheese

this is a simple variation to herb marinated pork chops…


here’s my step-by-step pics for herb marinated pork chops stuffed with mozarella cheese.

for starters, when purchasing the pork chops, request the butcher to “butterfly” the pork slices as shown in this pic. one side is “opened” another side is still “closed”. 😉

marinate pork chops the same way as you would your usual herb marinated style.

stuff some mozarella cheese into the “closed” side pocket. take note to push cheese more to the “closed” side so that cheese could be contained during the cooking process. i know, cheese is yummy, but refrain from stuffing too much. it may still taste wonderful with cheese oozing out of the pork chops, but the pan won’t look pretty. 😛

close it up. done! it’s ready for the pan. no need to apply any “glue” to seal it up. 😉

heat up grill pan. add some oil. cook same way as you would the usual pork chops. a small tip here. be aware of where is the “opened” side and place them in the same direction and slightly tilt the pan so that the “opened” side is on a higher slope than the “closed” side. let gravity help u keep the cheese in the pocket.

now, it’s ready to serve!

this cross-section was taken from my piece which has turned cold. otherwise, the mozarella cheese will be oozing out… scrumptious but not a pretty sight for the camera. :imanangel:

have fun stuffing those pockets! 🙂

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