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Holiday Under One Roof

 Photo courtesy of Angelight

If you are planning for a short getaway with no rush, no fuss and lots of shopping and makan, I would recommend One Utama — a mega award-winning shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur — which we visited last year. We also stayed at the One World Hotel, a nice business-class hotel conveniently located within the shopping mall itself.

Staying in a hotel within the shopping mall proved to be a bonus as it means we could wake up late (since the shopping mall only opens at 10) and shop until the mall closes at 10 at night before dragging our tired feet back to the hotel in just five minutes. Of course with a young child in tow, it means that we have to go back to the hotel room to let her take a short afternoon nap, so staying and shopping within the same area is a great convenience indeed.

Of the hundreds of shops at One Utama, there are some interesting specialty shops. If you are planning for a party, you should check out the Balloon Buzz Party Centre where you can find a great variety of party gear and accessories like masks, hats and of course, balloons of all shapes and sizes. Tea-lovers will not want to miss sampling the specially brewed Chinese teas at the Purple Cane Tea Art Centre.

There is no lack of eateries at One Utama — posh restaurants, no-frill family-run eateries or fast-food outlets — there is something to suit every tastebud and budget. If you want to taste authentic Malaysian delicacies, try PappaRich for its assam laksa, nasi lemak and vegetarian dim sum; or Kluang Station for its hand-roasted coffee and good yet cheap food. Also worth trying out are Little Taiwan for its Taiwanese fare and of course, bubble teas. We tried the authentic Vietnamese food at the cosy and reasonably priced Vietnamese Kitchen, the food was good and so were the ambience and service. If you have a big budget to splurge on, there are a couple of posh Japanese and Thai restaurants you can choose from.

One Utama is not just a food-lover’s paradise, but also the ultimate haven for any shopaholic. Apart from two big departmental stores like Jusco and Parkson, there are also rows and rows of retail shops selling the lastest fashion with brand names like DKNY, Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21, Guess, Laura Ashley, Miss Selfridge and Zara. You would wish that you have an additional 24 hours to shop. Bargain hunters can also get some good buys from the factory outlet stores here. There are several shops selling kids’ fashion, and the dresses are so pretty that I wish I could buy back a whole wardrobe of them for my little girl.

All in all, this short vacation at One Utama was very relaxing compared to our previous holidays as we didn’t have to rush from place to place, and everything was all under one roof. We would definitely go back again.


Kelyn, you can book the hotel

Kelyn, you can book the hotel – One World Hotel – on its website. Or check with any travel agency if you are going by coach.  

Direct coach to 1Utama

You can also opt for the direct coach to 1Utama. Aeroline( is the name of the coach. Nice and comfortable coach.

Hi, I would like to know how

Hi, I would like to know how & where i can book the accomodation in 1 Utama.

Or is there any hotel near by?

Many Thanks in advance



I think most budget airlines

I think most budget airlines go to KL. You can check out their prices. The hotel room that we had was clean and well maintained.

Which buget airline did you

Which buget airline did you book? Hotel room clean?



Thanks so much! Am

Thanks so much! Am considering to go there this coming Dec with hubby and my 2 kids..:)

Hi Mrs seah, there is no

Hi Mrs seah, there is no other malls around except the One Utama. But the place is huge so one day is not enough. 3 days 2 nights shld be just nice!

Hi sub_evo76, you can grab a

Hi sub_evo76, you can grab a cab from the airport, more convenient and especially when you have family members and luggages to lug around. The mall itself is safe, got security guards at the hotel to the mall. But still you shld always keep an eye on your young kids, especially when in an unfamiliar place.

Look good!

Look good! Is it at the central of KL? Do they have other shopping mall around there? 

Looks v nice!

Looks v nice!

Hey thanks for recommending.

Hey thanks for recommending. Can i check if it’s a long journey from the airport to the hotel? Do we take cab? Or other transport? What abt safety issues at the mall? Thanks much!!

You're welcome, happy! But

You’re welcome, happy! But the place is only good for shopping, eating and just relaxing, no sightseeing. Hope you have an enjoyable trip!

Yeah, you should bring your

Yeah, you should bring your DS there. The shopping mall has alot of shops selling kids’ fashion. And I think you would enjoy the shopping! 🙂

We took budget airline, very

We took budget airline, very fast.  The place is quite child-friendly, but no amusement park. But got karaoke if your family want to sing.

Thanks!  Your blog gives me

Thanks!  Your blog gives me the courage to go KL with 2 kids in tow.  Did u drive all teh way there? or take coach / plane?

Wow, sounds good Angelight! 

Wow, sounds good Angelight!  The convenience is fantastic!

thanks Angelight! thanks for

thanks Angelight!

thanks for recommending!  i have been wanting to go KL, this is a good article to show DH to persuade him to drive up there with kids! thanks!

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