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Home LIVECam: Enjoy Peace of Mind, Wherever You Are

Both you and your spouse are at work and you’re wondering if your children have gone home after class. Are the two siblings doing their homework quietly or having a brawl once again?

With a live monitoring camera, it is not difficult to keep tabs of what’s going on at home even when you’re out. Accessible from wherever you are, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your children and other family members are well and safe.

Furthermore, being able to monitor situations at home in real-time also allows you to respond better, especially in emergency cases. Even if it’s simply to check in on your little tot, whom you’ve left to play in the room, while you’re busy in the kitchen..  

Now, you don’t have to miss another moment at home with SingTel Home LIVECam!

How Home LIVECam helps to protect your family:

  1. Set up your home monitoring wirelessly within minutes
  2. Securely hidden from public Internet and encrypted video transmissions
  3. Receive mobile alerts and record activities within the home
  4. Convenient LIVE viewing anytime using your mobile device or any internet-enabled computer

Watch this video to find out more about Home LIVECam:

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