How to Ease Your Child Into A Childcare Service

Unfortunately, nobody knows what goes behind closed doors…

It is also not accurate to stipulate that branded schools are staffed by more loving and more educated teachers. if you’ve read our fellow insider‘s posts, she has quoted that it is not compulsory for a centre to get better qualified teachers who are paid much higher even if fees are higher for branded schools, cause if centres can minimize on manpower salary, the better profit margin the school will benefit from. So, to not sugar coat your thought on a more expensive childcare set up, it is not a guaranteed thing.

You may consider sitting in the childcare centre yourself to orientate your child prior to confirming your enrolment. What I meant was, certain childcare centres have the option for new/first time parents to go for "trial class". During this trial period, parents will not be eligible for subsidy but upon sign up, the ctr may allow the subsidy to run immediately and the fees for the following month will be lessened that (you paid without subsidy – due to your trial period). This policy also varies between centres.

Trial classes can be catered from between a week to a month depending on the different centres. One parent/guardian may sit in thru the trial period to have a feel of a first time childcare experience. Flexi-care is also available at most childcares esp for hours that they aren’t very full.

Must find out from the centre. Flexi can be sending your child for 2 days, 3 days or 4 days a week at certain hours. This interim period will allow you to gauge if you are comfortable with the environment (whether it is conducive for learning – ie. brightly litted, child size toilets/sinks etc), not too big a ratio for child’s class, carng teachers and teaching assistants, etc… just to name a few.. You can also monitor the menu variation at the same time and observe the portions given to children to eat and whether it is value for money you paid for whatever they serve in a week.

As this is trial period, you as the parent shud manage your own child during this time. Once you find you are more comfortable and thinking of confirming your enrolment, you may highlight to the teacher and the teaching assistant for them to take over on and off from you. At this stage, you shud consider letting go of your child bit by bit to be more independent and request he/she goes to teacher when unsure of any thing or when he needs something. During this handover, you may consider sitting in a corner of the class and encourage your child to join in the class activities with his/her friends and teachers as much as possible and that you are just a shout away.

Once you confirm enrolment but not sure whether he/she will be okay without you around, continue with the flexi-care until you are sure that your child is comfortable and comes home happy. Older children who like a certain centre will ask how come there are days he doesn’t go to the centre. That is the indication that he/she is so looking forward to going to school. Then, you can consider signing up for full day then followed by daily.

At times, children who see their other friends subjected to corporal punishment may feel sad and traumatised and hence cry together too. But it may not mean that your child got it too.

Corporal punishment is not allowed in pre-school centres. Some centres go a little further by not allowing emotional abuse as well. it simply means, teachers do not belittle the child or say hurtful words to make the child feel angry, sad, depressed or unwanted.

If my child were in a centre where they have been abused and i have seen it with my own two eyes (four eyes if including glasses), i WILL make a BIG issue out of it. But proof and witnesses are important. And on top of that, i want every penny of my hard earned $$$ paid be returned to me, IN FULL!

Just for sharing sake, k. My personal thoughts.

Take care.




Heyya mimiof2,

No need to be a Supermum. Just prioritise our time at home, ok oredi. Basic habits like showering and washing up after eating can be easily cultivated at home from young. As for the activities to teach at home, a good timetable will do the trick to keep in line with what is covered in the usual Playgroups. But, as we know there will be parents who need the childcare for different purposes and its still ok. Different families will cater different measures for their children and their family’s routine. There is no one right fix it method, nor right or wrong with regards to child raising.

Tho it may not be entirely true that children get to learn more things in school, i do agree on a point that they will have more friends and more interaction with kids their age.



Wud you consider rest time for your son?

Heyya weimummy,

You may consider giving him a rest (nap) after coming back from school + lunch (assuming he is in the morning session). After his short nap, then begin with the school work and followed by any extra assesments you may have for him. Try to bring him out for some playground or cycling time or anything activities to do outdoor after he finishes with his assignments. Maybe that might work to motivate him.. During the weekends or your own free time – spend one-on-one time with him, doing something he likes. This will give you the needed time to catch up with him as himself and not the student you want him to be, but simply the son that you love… 




What had happened to him?

My son, P2 this year. Used to do assessment books without me bugging on him. Recently he had changed. He becomes sloppy and he gave lots of excuse (tired, headache, boring). He used to be very careful in his school work. But he is don’t bother to check his school work.

I got him to sit down to draft a timetable for himself so that he get to play, reading and homework. but not very effective.

How to motivate him?

Advocate childcare

I am an advocate of childcare. My elder child started childcare at 2 years old and my younger one will also be starting when she reaches 2.

My girl is the only one in the entire family to attend child care and I notice a great difference between her and her cousins. She is more independent and disciplined compared to her cousins who at age 5 & 7 still needs someone to bath and feed them.  She was already feeding herself at age 3 and starting bathing herself at 4yrs old. At 5 years old, she will offer to help me wash the dishes and at 6 years old, she is helping to clean the car.

Furthermore, unless you are the type of Supermum who is able to really plan a varied development timetable at home, they get to learn more things in school.

My views are... unless you

My views are…

unless you are not capable to attend to their needs (eg like having a newborn around soon), childcare may not be necessary. i have 2 boys and is a SAHM. my elder attended regular kindergarten. he has no problem adapting to primary 1 and is not socially withdrawn. the ‘spare’ cash that i’ve got for sending him to kindergarten instead of childcare allows me to select more value-added enrichment. do also note that childcare centers spent a certain amount of time bathing, unlike kindergarten, so i feel that kindergarten may be a better option for you. even with a 4 hour kindergarten experience, my ds1 started falling sick every month too.

i will be sending my ds2 to prenursery in a few months time and look forward to that 2 hours of break away from both kids. 😀

Childcare Dilemma

Heyya ksfor kids,

Think I’ve replied under your posting in the forum threads with regards to this. I was wondering whether you had twins, cos you mentioned 2 kids or are they siblings of pre-school age? As my girls are also homegrown, i opted for kindergarten after trying out childcare services. I can still provide the care at home as usual, but they only need to attend a few hours of daily classes for the social integration with children other races and nature, plus the interaction part – helps as kindergarten offers an environment where children are grouped with similar age range of students in the class to mingle with. On top of that, the children get a taste of the P1 preps, according to what has been streamlined for future Primary One syllabus. It’ll provide the extra on top of what you have been teaching your children at home. Being in a class will also help the children to adapt to rote learning or a teacher-directed learning style. Difference with home coaching is quite a lot due to class size and the teacher’s attention. At home the children will get you all to themselves but it will not be like that when they enter P1, so it wud be good to provide the initial "practise" to avoid a culture shock… come the actual P1 year. What wud seem norm to others, might seem alien to your children. Have a talk with your spouse and make it a together decision that your spouse can be comfortable with too.

If you must put them in a childcare, take heart that childcares now offer half day and even flexi days for some, depending on the childcare availability. So, you won’t feel that your children are spending too long a time away from you, unlike for the past 5 yrs. I’m sure you have done a fabulous job with your children and they are blessed to have you all these times every step of the way. Hope this helps.




I felt that is never too

I felt that is never too late to send them to the childcare centre. Children learn things very fast.

I have 2 kids and I regretted for not sending my first child to childcare centre earlier. For my second child, I insisted to put her at childcare centre when she was 18 months despite my parent’s disapproval.

+ points are they learned things (Social skills and knowledge) and they can adapt faster when they entered primary school.

– points are, they may fall sick more often

childcare services


i am new here. Currently, i am struggling to sent my 2 kids to childcare or not next year. Is it too late to send my kids when they have been home grown by myself for 5 years?

If anyone can advice. I am in great dilemma!

Heyya candy33can

Heyya again candy22can,

My kiddie sleeps when i send her to school. Which is a good 30 minutes from where we live to the school, either with her in the stroller when its not raining or on my shoulder when i carry her all the way there..

So, for my kiddie… she takes very short time to charge her batteries. The short naps she has on my shoulder is enuf to last her the night through. Hahahaa! After reaching home, shower,  followed by dinner (not too full) then almost sleep time, i give milk to help her rest faster on a more fuller tummy. 



Nap time

Hello buds,

Thank you for you info. My son will usually wake up around 10am and take his afternoon nap at around 2.30pm . He will wake up around 5 – 6pm and sleep around 11 30 pm

I am worried that if he miss the afternoon nap time , he might want to sleep early in the night, which means he might wake up early in the next morning!

How do you keep your kiddie stay awake after class in the evening ?? Do u let her nap for a while ??

Thanks again for the advice.

PM Childcare Programme

Heyya candy33can,

I sent my kiddie to an N1 PM session a couple years back.

As i am an insomniac ( can never sleep early!) and always stay up till wee

hours of the morning, i spend time with my kiddie till late. We do colouring,

cutting activities, reading stories, or even sometimes just watching VCDs

together.  As she sleeps late, she’ll wake up late the next morning, and doesn’t

get very sleepy in the afternoon.  To shower just before going to the centre also

helps keep kiddie fresh for lessons. And no milk consumption before sending

kiddie for class! 


So far, what is his routine?



How to overcome nap-time for 3 yrs old boy

Hello all, I would like to send my 3 year old boy to his  N1 class in the afternoon(2pm to 6pm).  How can I help to overcome the nap-time in the afternoon. He usually takes a 3 to 4 hrs nap in the afternoon. Can anyone please advice . Thank you.

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