How to Find Out More About School from my Child?

I have a DS in Pr 1 this year. Although he is already very chatty by nature, I find that by asking lots of Qs about his day in school which entails him sharing details etc, it allows all of us at home to know alot about what’s happening in his class and in school.

Preferably when asking Qs, ask leading Qs – ie. not Qs that just entails a "fine" "ok" or yes /no" responses. So for instance Qs like; "what are the names of your classmates who sit beside you in class?" "what did you do during PE lessons", "what was done in art & craft class today?" "what was for recess today – what did you buy?"

From the answers that he gives ask more leading Qs again – and from there you will gradually get to know the names of his friends, how classes are conducted in class, whether anything in particular happened in class etc. Thereafter, you could continue asking more leading Qs, cos you would already know some of his friends’ names, what they do in classes – so more Qs can be framed aorund those details.

I find that once DS gets used to sharing details in school, cos he knows we are all interested in what he does in school, he is very keen to share everything that happens each day. Likewise, everyone else shares how their day was etc, and eventually it becomes a two-way process. It’s a gradual process but eventually the child will learn to "communicate" and share what happens during his / her day.

Timely reminder

I have been doing it with DS1, currently in K1, but on an ad hoc basis. Must start doing it more consistently so he can get used to sharing info on what goes on in school. Problem is my DS1 always gives me nonsensical answers. If i ask him what he did for gym, he will say "motorbike", and it’s always the same answer. Plus he’s really bad at remembering names so he always says "I don’t know" when I ask for the names of his classmates.

same here too. We need to

same here too.

We need to dig out further in order to understand what is happening in school

How to Find Out More About School from my Child?

same same here. My son is in P1 too. Sometime he want to talk about school, classmates. Sometime he just reply no, yes or dont know.

actually, i've already

actually, i’ve already started doing this for my dd in preschool. and she’s able to tell me quite a lot like what they have learnt. eg. in n1, they learn math thru playing games and in a very fun and stimulating way. i know many of her friends and she would tell me if anyone hurt her/ bully her. haha, i use this way to identify if she’s being bullied in school – thankfully no. from what she tells me, i can even roughly tell the character of each of her frens – like which are the obedient ones and which are the "not-so-simple" ones!!!  

me too! my DS1 is in P1

me too!

my DS1 is in P1 this year and i’ve been asking him the questions you suggested.  sometimes the answer is a very simple yes or no or even I don;t know…  🙁 

but will still try to ask in another way.  I’ve since learnt some kids’ name, mainly boys too!

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