How to get a child to write?

Getting a child to write on a regular basis is not easy. This gets increasingly difficult as he realises that it becomes additional work for him in place of his playing time.

When we go on a holiday, I make him write a short journal about the previous day’s event. In this way, the events are still fresh in his mind and it is much easier to tackle to write a short article than to write about the whole holiday. This is done in the early mornings before we venture out. Another reason is also because he is an early bird and is my way of keeping him quiet when everyone else is still sleeping. Laughing

He did protest in the beginning but he is now used to it. No protest during our last holiday.

When he was younger, I had to prompt him a bit on what to write. In the beginning, he would write, "first we went here xxx, second we went here yyy, third we went zzz. the end". I would ask him what he found interesting about this one, didn’t he laugh a lot when this thing happened, or was he scared etc.

Even when we are not on holidays, I do get him to write a bit about the outings or just any event. It does get a bit boring if he writes and nobody reads about it. So I started a blog for him. He will write it on paper and I will help to type and post all his journals there.

It helps that some of my friends make their kids do the same too, so they read each others’ blogs and make comments on them. Below is one of his first blog when he was 6.

Other topics include everyday things like:
– my birthday
– my friends in school
– my schoolbus
– going to wild wild wet or some other outing
– even talking about his favourite food, Bak Kwa!

The airshow
I went to the airshow in Yee Yee’s car with my mummy and daddy.
The boost of the fighter jet was very loud. I saw a Chinook, and a Super Puma and also the ‘whatever’ fighter ( I forgot what its name is ).

Next, I went to the carnival games. I jumped around the ‘inflatable’ castle and it was fun!

The first game is an Aeroplane memory game. My mummy memorized the second row and I memorized the first row. In the end, my mummy finished and I was still choosing between 1 aeroplane and 1 helicopter. Then both of us won because we have excellent memory!

The second game is "Throw the ball" game. I threw the ball and all 4 went into the target. And I won a prize (a secret, don’t tell your mother or father, it was a notebook) !

I played the "Welcome home" game. We had to land on the "Finish" space. You throw the dice and they will tell you how much to go. When you land on the "Finish" space, you win!

The fourth game was matching the aeroplanes and helicopters to their names. We lost because we never even hear the people talking what was the plane and helicopters’ names. And also because we never see the aeroplane and super pumas properly.

There was a "Radar" game. You are supposed to spin the radar wheel, when you touch the green arrows, you get a prize. When you touch the other lines, you won’t get a prize.

I won 4 games and I lost 1 game. It was very exciting there. And it was fun! I went home very late.

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