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How to get Kids Interested in Math

Many people, when asked what their least favorite subject was in school will simply reply “math.” My child used to think so too, until I came across these tips below and applied it on her. She now loves math and enjoys doing math questions especially the challenging questions. Credit goes to Elaine Doxie who share these tips.
As a general subject, math is very dull and dry. The numbers and formulae all tend to fuse together, causing many children to tune out. There are ways to get our child interested in math, however. It just takes some creativity, and letting them learn by experience, rather than just the lists of numbers that they see when they look at their textbooks.
Start by showing them how math applies to the real world. Numbers by themselves tend not to mean much. However, when we put a dollar sign in front of those numbers, suddenly, they mean everything to a child, or even an adult, for that matter. Fractions are easily taught when teaching a child how to cook. Having them double a recipe or cut it in half will give our child real world experience as to how to work with fractions. These are just two of the ways that math is used in the real world. Even geometry can be taught by putting them in charge of decorating their own bedrooms, as they have to determine what they do and do not have space for. By using real world solutions, children realize that math applies to their everyday life. This will often work to get them and keep them interested in math.
Another way to get our children interested in math is to make it fun. There are very few people who like constant repetition, yet that is what a lot of math seems to be. There are things that we can do with math that really are fun. If their eyes seem to blur when they are looking at the numbers, turn every problem into a word problem for them. A problem saying 8-2 can be stated by saying, if Jane has 8 cookies and she gives 2 to her brother Tom, how many cookies does Jane have left? This works similarly to using real world solutions, but is based slightly more on our imagination.
Showing our children real world solutions and or making the subject more fun does work for most children, although there are a few that are still not interested. Many children who show a complete lack of interest in a subject do so because it is difficult for them to get the concepts down. This is actually very common. The best thing to do to get those children who find the subject matter difficult interested in it is to find a tutor who will work with them until they are comfortable working with the subject. Having someone there who will work one on one with a child can be the key to sparking a child’s interest in any subject, including, but not limited to math.
The important thing is to be sensitive to our child’s needs. Make sure that they know we are willing to listen if they have a problem. This will help them know that if the math work is hard for them, they can count on us to help them. This is the most important part of getting them interested in any subject.
Start them young. I was a little late with my child as I was too obsessed with my career before I became a SAHM… but then again, it’s never too late to learn!

Maths Tuition by Juris

Maths Tuition by Juris Doctor/ Accountant/ Ex MOE Teacher

Hi Parents/ Students,


I am a former MOE teacher, an accountant (Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons), NTU) and a holder of a Juris Doctor degree (SMU). My credentials can be found at


I run my own Maths classes for Primary and Secondary School students.


Limited seats! Register now by calling 98330314 or emailing me at



Focal Maths

Maths Tuition by Juris

Maths Tuition by Juris Doctor/ Accountant/ Ex MOE Teacher

Hi Parents/ Students,


I am a former MOE teacher, an accountant (Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons), NTU) and a holder of a Juris Doctor degree (SMU). My credentials can be found at


I run my own Maths classes for Primary and Secondary School students.


Limited seats! Register now by calling 98330314 or emailing me at



Focal Maths

This website teaches math

Another way that I think can help kids study math is by watching tutorial video. Please check out this website.

It contains lots of videos teaching maths and other subjects including physics, finance, etc (even computer science is also there) which in my personal opinion is very easy to understand. 

The interesting part is actually the practice menu where they can go one level up after mastering one subject, from the very basic thing like addition all the way up to trigonometry, calculus, etc. There’s no time limit, kids can learn in their own pace, replay the video as many as they like, parents or teachers can monitor and help in area where their kids having trouble with, so they can go to next level.

More maths tips

 Its easy to get kids interested in maths:

1) They must understand what they are doing (which means they can do the questions)

Imagine this. Once you learn how to bake a cake, will you do it again provided your first attempt is rubbishy?

2) Real life situations (just like its mentioned above)

I am a secondary school teacher and many students seems to face a lot of problems with positive and negative integers. Questions like -4+3 cannot be solved without the usage of a calculator. Just ask them to pretend that negative numbers are $ owed and positive numbers are $ they have. So how much do you have left?

3) Usefulness of topics learned

I have students asking me:" Why am I learning trigonometry for? I wont use it in the future anyway."

I always tell them trigonometry is used when you need to calculate certain information to build bridges and other triangular structures. After, they are convinced.



Why not play just Monopoly?

I started playing with my son when he was 4 years old.  I pretend to short change from the banker which trigger him to want to do mental calculations quickly. I refuse to pay him Utility charges when he cannot do mental multiplication from the roll of the dice. 

Math had a purpose. There was a need to learn times table.

You are welcome,

You are welcome, EatNonStop…

Hi Happy Mama, thanks for

Hi Happy Mama, thanks for recommendation. Probably see if can switch her arts to Fri nite and Sun for her maths…

Oh Pri 1... Yes then in my

Oh Pri 1… Yes then in my opinion, group may be good for her. I’m not familiar with Kovan area, but some of the better Maths centers I would consider include Mindstretcher, Maths Hub and Learning Lab. Of course there may be other better ones which I’m not aware too… So you may want to check around. My DD is currently with Learning Lab.

You mentioned you do not want to pack her weekends with too many classes… Have you thought of sending her for tuition on Friday nights since it’s the end of the school week?

Hoe to get Kids Interested in Math

My gal is P1. She has her 1-1 math tuition every Tues….this morning (this is the 2nd time) she called me and said she doesnot want the tuition anymore. Guess you are right that personal tuition is pretty boring for a 7 yrs old and I will need to stop it. I started her tuition since she is at "just can make it"…………either I have to squeeze out extra time to guard her myself (I afraid I might not used the appropriate method) or send her to enrichment classes for grp learning. Is there any good centers to recommend? I stay in Kovan area. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Another issue I am facing is since she is in afternoon session, she only left with weekends to attend any extra lessons. She has her chinese tuition on every Saturday and Arts (her keen interest) on Sunday….this left me no other time slot as I donot really want to pack her with too many "tuitions"…….

Eatnonstop, may I know how

Eatnonstop, may I know how old is your DD? My DD is 9 and yet I’ve not started on personal tutor yet… I still prefer tuition at enrichment centres for this age, though I cannot speak for it when she goes to Pri 6… Will see by then…

At this age, they find lessons in centres very interesting and fun as there are more friends to mingle and lessons are more interactive. DD looks forward to her lessons every week and she has made a few good friends there.

Personal tuition can be quite boring unless the child is exceptionally weak in his/her subject and is not able to catch up in a group… that’s where 1-to-1 coaching comes in. Otherwise, you may want to consider switching her to group tuition.


You're welcome, DJ Chua. Glad

You’re welcome, DJ Chua. Glad you like the article.

How to get Kids Interested in Math

Thanks for sharing…my gal starts losing her Math interest recently and I am wondering if I have given her pressure by engaging a personel tutor for her which started about 2 mths ago. She told me the lessons are boring and she prefer classroom type whereby she can learn/play/talk to her friends at the same time. Trying to work out what is actually better for her. This article provides me some tips to assess and working on her Math.

Thank for sharing love you

Thank for sharing love you tips will try on my son. 🙂

You are welcome,

You are welcome, Autumnbronze. Glad you appreciate this article and even bother to bookmark it. :)) Yes, it will definitely come in handy when the time comes. In the meantime, enjoy your fun sessions with your DS. Cheers!

Yes that's very true, amylqf.

Yes that’s very true, amylqf. That’s precisely why we should start them young, if possible.


Thanks for sharing this article.

I have a phobia for complex maths and statistics *shudder* but I know I cannot avoid teaching DS when the time comes.  So your article will come in handy then.  Will bookmark it for future reference.

Right now, we are having fun doing simple arithimatic calculations …




it is easy to be fun in math

it is easy to be fun in math during preschool year. but it is harder to still fun during higher primary above.

You are welcome, smartmummy.

You are welcome, smartmummy. 🙂

Yes, you are absolutely right

Yes, you are absolutely right Augmum. Kids will get motivated once they are able to solve the questions and get good results…

Hey poppy, glad that you like

Hey poppy, glad that you like this article and find it useful. 🙂

You are welcome, tigger88.

You are welcome, tigger88. Glad you find this useful. 🙂

Yep, give me a five! I hate

Yep, give me a five! I hate Stats too…

Thanks for the tips!

Thanks for the tips!

Yeah,real world is better to understand the concept.It reminds me of my Math Teacher said in A/L.He said If you study maths is useful for your life,doesn’t matter you go to university or not.

happy mama, i luv MATHS too......

During schooling, my fav subj were Maths and Science….and often scored well……as for my gal, i cultivated her interest for Maths since preschool time….using montessori maths curriculum.

i realised that maths interest can be cultivated and once the child starts to get good results, like full marks and teachers’ praises, the maths interest is intense and will continue to perform well with strong movitation.

was never interested in maths

was never interested in maths since young… sometimes wonder hw to sparkle an interest in maths for our kids.

they see numbers, they siam… they do worksheets, they cry..

but after reading ur article, Happy Mama, i can now relate to them even better on the topics of numbers…

Thanks for sharing.

I am lousy in Math and is

I am lousy in Math and is never interested in this subject. Thanks for the helpful article…Now I can follow some tips on how to get my kids interested in Math. 🙂

I like Maths too!

I like Maths too!

But not statistics…  🙂

all thanks to my teacher who

all thanks to my teacher who had made maths very interesting when i first started learning 🙂

LKVM, I love math actually...

LKVM, I love math actually… Cos the questions are almost so predictable especially or O and A-levels. :))

I too hate Maths

I also dont like it though I could score quite well but then i hate calulations… nice article!!

Full marks for your Math?

WCW, full marks for your Math? Wow, you must be a Math genius! I never managed to get full marks during school days as the papers were always so tough! Thank goodness the government exams are much easier. 🙂

You are welcome, Brenda10.

You are welcome, Brenda10. Hope it works for your kids. 🙂

Thanks for sharing :) but hor

Thanks for sharing 🙂

but hor fr young my fav is maths lei, coz no need to rem anything just read n do, plus always get full marks, that’s why my fav ahahahaha 🙂

Thank for the tips

Thank you for sharing and that give us some idea how to cultivate the child’s interest in other approach!

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