How to handle a messy child

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Toomuchlaundry wrote: 

02 May 2022 15:10

Do I need to accept that my girl is messy and last minute? Her school grades are fine. I myself am an organised early doer. She reminds me of my Uni friends in the dorm who would pile up their laundry on the floor.

It depends on whether you really mind her habits and want her to learn to be different for the long haul, or whether you are OK with her habits as long as her grades are OK. And also whether she is able to change (e.g. a child with learning disabilities that makes her disorganised and a poor planner can’t change all that much – I have one of those). If the former, then the sooner you try to change her habits the better; if the latter, then just let her be till her grades drop (they may or may not). If she is really resistant to advice, then you may have to let her grades plummet and she gets a shock, then step in to help her change. Personally, I am a “managing” mother – I try to inculcate good habits early on. Sometimes it doesn’t work, or I find that the habit I’m trying to inculcate doesn’t “fit” the child, then I give up. But at least I tried!