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How To Make Kids Eat Faster

In the past, DD1 used to take 1hr to finish her food. It was rather exasperating. I decided to implement a "Reward System". Whenever she finishes her food within 30min or less, I will give her a sticker on her chart(which comprises of good attitude towards doing homework, practising piano, taking care of her baby sister, clearing up her room, behaving herself). If she doesnt, she will be given a sad face. Upon getting 60 stickers, she will get a treat like extended TV/game time for a day. 100 stickers will earn her a movie or an excursion.

In preparation of her food, I would cook her most hated food with her favourite food to lessen her pain in eating. For example, I chop ‘yukky spinach’ into teeny weeny pieces, dump it into her favourite kombu and anchovy stock. When the soup is about to boil, I stir in her favourite egg together with some cornflour to make it a little sticky(aka her favourite-restaurant style). In this way, she slurps down her spinach smilingly.

Another way I do to entice her to eat faster is to play with her food! Haha as in use the different colours of her food to decorate it into a smiley face, a cat, a tree.(She’s into aesthetics of culinary preparation) She also likes her sandwich which is served in shapes of stars, hearts, teddy bears, dove(use cookie cutters). On weekends, I get her to help me prepare breakfast. Stuff like breaking an egg, watching the gooey egg flow into the bowl, stirring it- she loves it to bits!

So far, her favourite is a burger I made for her. I use minced beef(one of her top ten hated meat), minced onions, breadcrumbs and seasoning to make the patty, coupled with her favourite mayonnaise, ‘yukky lettuce, cherry tomatoes’ and her favourite seaweed, drizzled with homemade teriyaki sauce( mix soy sauce, sugar, mirin and sake together). On top of her burger, I used a toothpick disguised as a flag. On the flag, it says,"I love you, baby!" and a smiley face with three spikey strands of hair. Whenever she sees that, she will laugh uproariously,”haha botak hair!"

These methods work well for her. Nowadays, mealtime is no longer ‘war-zone'(though more effort is put into preparation of food, but at least I don’t feel like tearing out my hair anymore). After all, I want her to remember me as a mother who loves her and is like Remy in the movie "Ratatouille”(that’s what DD says and she wants to be a chef), instead of the mother who kept saying,” Hurry up, chew and swallow"(like a broken down recorder). The tricky thing is DH likes his food ”organic”(he doesnt go for those pre-packed seasoning stuff), so I always have to rack my brains, do research on the net for recipes to cook yummy food without using any MSG…. Very Happy


Very good tips. Will try on

Very good tips. Will try on my boys also. Thanks.

Thks Playfulfairy for this

Thks Playfulfairy for this article. My dd also has problem eating her food. It always takes her about 1 hr to finish her food. Should try some methods used by you. Hope it can help her to speed up on her food.

What a great idea!

What a great idea!

Wow! you are a really

Wow! you are a really loving mother with a lot of thought and hard work.

Sembawang MRT


Think there’s one north side, sista..

If i’m not mistaken, this is another Phoon Huat outlet within

the Sembawang MRT retail outlets outside the control station.


Hehe thanks RR Mummy! Hmm

Hehe thanks RR Mummy! Hmm cookie cutters can be found in these places :
!) Phoon Huat at Jurong East ( dunno the exact address, but it’s near the central)
2) Sing Lip at Seah Street(Opposite Raffles Hotel)
3) Pastry Magic at Chip Bee Gardens(opposite Holland V)

Good luck 🙂

Sunflower, jia1 you2 :)

Sunflower, jia1 you2 🙂 Haha sometime, I feel tired of ”dolling up” the food and I jus wanna pig out and be served…

Thanks for your compliment!

Thanks for your compliment! Buds, your gal sounds lovely!


Wow, PlayfulFairy! Kudos to you, girl! If I were your kiddie, i’d give ya A+ for the tremendous effort alone! Like the tiny mouse in Ratatouille… My 2nd daughter loves to watch me prepare food… she knows some of the names and the smell of the spices too. She says it’s so fun to cook. And she always comments that each time i cook, it’s like my own cooking show. Hehee.. She’d want me to give live commentary on all the steps to cook the dishes i cook on most days. She will request, "Mum, you do like Martha Stewart cooking show… Explain to me… i’m your audience… as you are cooking…"  When she sees me with eggs and bread, she’ll quip… "I know! You’re making french toast!" As i go along the process she’ll sometimes add in with her small and shrill baby voice, "Now, mummy… don’t forget to add a pinch of salt." (with her pointer waving at me)  


Great tips! Really need

Great tips! Really need time and patience to "do up" the food! 🙂


Wow PlayfulFairy, you are really great and thank you for all the tips..

I’m still pretty much the broken recorder..  ..guess I have to go cookie-cutter-hunting and flag-making mode soon! 

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