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How to Master in Chemistry and Score A1

Chemistry, is a subject which requires hard work and effort to master. Chemistry entails equations, formulas, and concepts; some of these may have to be memorized, while others require a clear understanding of chemical structures and math equations. To excel in chemistry, you’ll need to practice good study habits and pay attention during the class, lab, and while doing homework. Chemistry demands a lot of patience, enthusiasm and most importantly, a good relationship with the subject.

Here are some tips to master and score in Chemistry:

  1. Read and revise the assigned chemistry material before going to class.
  2. Listen to your chemistry teacher in class. (Well, it depends, what happen is the teacher’s problem.)
  3. Ask questions. (Well, it depends too, how well can your teacher answer your questions.)
  4. Take plenty of notes. This is exceptionally important as pinning down the important points that your teacher has presented in a class period will help you to understand key topics and ideas.
  5. Review your notes from class. (make it a chore every day, about 20 to 30 minutes)
  6. Make your own notes. (Using different techniques like flash cards to remember the chemical symbols and terminology or flowcharts and mindmaps to outline the reactions steps and products etc)
  7. Make sure you understand the basics: to do well on any test or exam, you’ll need to have mastered the basics of chemistry, so you can solve more complex problems when they’re presented.
  8. Once you’re proficient at simple chemistry questions, increase the difficulty until you’re working complicated questions. If you need help, talk to your teacher or classmates.
  9. Work through every problem step-by-step. Many students skip certain chemistry problems as they can be time consuming. However, they are also one of the most important parts of succeeding at chemistry. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made in previous problems, and don’t move on to the next until you can solve each problem correctly.
  10. Work hard but study smart!

Question from student: What if  I have done all the above but still do not score well in Chemistry?

Answer: Identify the problem. It could be from the resources (i.e. teachers or notes) you have received or you need more guidance to study. Seek help, such as by going for tuition.

Here’s how to choose a good Chemistry tuition class.

  • Find a tuition centre which provides topical notes and assignments to review topics proficiently. The notes need to be precise and strategized to let students understand the flow of knowledge better.
  • Look for a structured curriculum with tips to score in exams.
  • A small class capacity of 4 – 8 students gives you a more personalized attention and learning opportunity.
  • A teacher who is experienced not just in teaching, but has related industrial experiences to share the application and concepts in better perspective.

This article is contributed by:
Ms. Kate’s Chemistry Classes @The Science Studio

A passionate chemistry trainer who goes the extra miles to help her students.
Not just a teacher, but inspiring and motivate students to learn!
She is also a mother of 2 boys, she can only devote a limited time to teach.

Free Coaching is available on facebook/thesciencestudio , drop a message and Ms. Kate will get back to you on how to solve your chemistry problems.

Qualification: Undergraduate: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Upper Class Honor), The University of Queensland Australia (1999); Postgraduate: EDB Scholar, Master of Science (Specialize in Biopharmaceutical Engineering), National University of Singapore (2004)

Personal Achievements: 8 years working experiences in chemical engineering and research industry: Process Engineer in a MNC Swiss Company, Lab Manager in water filtration, Research Fellow in biopharmaceutical company.

5 years of teaching experiences in Poly with proven track record in improving students’ test scores (students’ feedback are available as below) . She delivers high quality of teaching and students just like it!  5 years of teaching in private sector. Almost 100% of students improved in 3 to 6 months. 80% of students score between B3 to A1.The positive comments from her students are testimony of her working approach.



#1 [From Fail to A1 in 3 months time – Trenyse from Hwa Chong Sec 4 2019 ]

#2 [ From Fail to B3 in less than 2 months time – Cheyenne from CHIJ(Toa Payoh) Sec 4 2019]

#3 [From Fail to B3 in 3 months time – Matthew from Beatty Secondary School Sec 4 2019]

#4 [Thank you for being patience and kind understanding regarding the explanation of concepts and topics to us, furthermore your unwavering determination in addressing our concerns has motivated me in continuously to pursue my interest in Chemistry – Luke, RI Sec 4 2018, achieved As throughout the Sec 4 Chemistry ]

#5 [I enjoyed Miss Kate’s Class, the small class size really created a conducive environment for learning. After I started attending the tuition class, my Chemistry grade was consistently an A. – Mirza, RI Sec 4 2018]

#6 [before joining tuition class here, I only managed to pass for my chemistry, but after a few weeks of classes, I was able to do well in chemistry. During tuition, I am exposed to many variety of questions, and before starting a topic, Ms. Kate would go through slides to provide complete information for the topic. I know when I am in doubt, I can always turn to my teacher, Ms. Kate, for guidance and assistance, as she is able to simplify the questions and explained in a simple ways. I found that this tuition is very useful as I went on to top my class in major chemistry exams. – Jun Wei, RI Sec 4]

Her weekly Class Schedule:

Sat 11 am to 1pm – Sec 3 IP
Sun 12 pm to 2pm – Sec 4 (combined Chem)
Sun 2pm to 4pm – Sec 4 (Pure Chem)
Sun 4pm to 6pm – Sec 3 (Pure Chem)

Chemistry Crash Course for Sec 4 will be held during the 2019 Jun holidays for different topics. Topics will be given upon request. Sign up now!

8th Jun and 9th Jun – 1 pm to 3pm
15th Jun and 16th Jun – 1pm to 3 pm

The Science Studio
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whatsapp 8289 2580

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