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How To Prepare A Feast in 2 hours

How to Prepare a Feast in about 2 hours. How to Prepare a Feast in about 2 hours

it had been our tradition at home for many years, to stay home, enjoy the national day parade while enjoying a sumptuous meal.

this menu may look daunting at first glance, but it is not impossible to churn this out. of course, for starters, some items could be omitted or replaced according to your family’s tastebuds.

this entry was dedicated to Busymom, who like her moniker, is a busy mom, just like many out there, whom is trying her best to juggle work, home at the same time.

quote from busymom. “You are the pro, hence not difficult. Ask me to do it, I’ll probably take a whole day. :scared:”

icy_mama had an 💡 … i come out with a timetable for the above meal for u and u can impress everyone and still have time to come in here to chat. 😉 interested? 🙂

and that started the ball rolling…..

as promised to busymom, here’s a rough guide as to how to prepare a meal with this on the menu.

the dinner menu

oven grilled rosemary marinated lamb racks

pan grilled beef tenderloins

oven grilled portobello mushrooms with mozarella cheese

pan grilled salmon steak

romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes

campbell’s wild mushroom soup

steam corn

sushi rice with furikake

tater puffs

this dinner is for a family of 5. if you’re cooking for more, you’ll need more time, bigger kitchen, bigger pots, pans, oven, etc. more arms, maybe grow another head… ok, u get my drift. 😉 also, this is possible cos i have 3 stoves and a grilling cum microwave oven. if u have a steam oven, grill oven, microwave oven and 4 stoves, all as separate entities, you have my envy. 🙂 and this would be easy peasy for u.

these are the herb and spices needed. i left out parsley. 😳

Things to prepare in advanced. i’d think this would take less than an hour.

1. peel the corn, wash and cut up the corn, place into steamer. u may use the steam oven if u own one.

2. campbell’s soup. mix into pot. you may use the microwave or gas stove to heat up. i use the gas stove today cos i needed the oven for grilling the lamb racks.

3. peel and wash lettuce and cherry tomatoes. keep in fridge.

4. wash portobello mushroom, fill with mozarella cheese, sprinkle with parsley, and drizzle olive oil. keep in fridge.

5. marinate lamb with dried rosemary, pink salt and black pepper. keep in fridge.

6. marinate beef tenderloin with seasoned pepper and pink salt. drizzle with olive oil. keep in fridge.

7. marinate salmon bottom and top with dill weed, black pepper and pink salt. drizzle some olive oil. keep in fridge.

8. prepare sushi rice to be cooked in the rice cooker.


One hour before chomp time.

1. start cooking the rice. 2. place lamb on dish and send into grill oven. lower rack. 30 mins on the bone side.

3. start steaming the corn. done in 20mins. turn off fire. leave in steamer till ready to serve. take off the stove. u need the stove for the tater puffs.

4. start heating up the soup. done in 20mins. turn off fire, cover till ready to serve.

5. prepare all cutleries, crockeries required. 6. deep fry the tater puff. this should be done after the corn is done.

7. 30 mins is up. this how your lamb rack look like.

8. now, turn lamb over and add the portobello mushrooms. put back into oven. another 15mins.

9. now, we start to grill the beef.

9.1 make sure pan is screaming hot. sizzle the beef up.

9.2 flip the meat. watch the angle if u like those nice criss-crossed burnt marks.

9.3 another flip. look at the angle again.

9.4 last flip. this time, cooked till desired doneness.

this is how your beef tenderloin should look like.

10. by now, the tater puffs are ready. drain the oil from saucepan. we’ll use this saucepan for the salmon steak.

11. now, the lamb racks should be done. portobello mushrooms looked done but you’ll need to finish off cooking the bottom part by placing onto the grill pan where your steaks are.

12. lastly, the salmon steak. i use the saucepan which was used to deepfry the tater puff. place salmon skin side down. turn fire down to medium. cover and cook for about 10mins. while the salmon is cooking, time to serve all the ready stuff. your salmon steak and rice

i do not plate each individual plate. :sweat: it’s take what u want for your own plate kinda meal. i’ll just scoop the rice for each individual and they’ll add the furikake themselves.



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