How to Stay Calm When There’s Only 99 Days to PSLE

A student messaged me today, “It’s 99 days to PSLE!”, followed by a scared-face emoji. 


To be honest, I was a tad happy- too often we are the ones worrying on behalf of the kids, so I am glad they are feeling the heat and hopefully this will push them to work harder.

While we believe the PSLE is just one of the many tests we have in life, I think it’s good for my students to go through this minor hurdle in life- it builds character and moulds them into stronger people.

That said, I advised him to stay calm. He dismissed me and said it was easier said than done, forgetting we had gone through many exams and life challenges ourselves.

Here are a few methods to stay calm as we approach the PSLE.

1. Plan

Planning your revision schedule is always useful.

Sort the topics that you have to revise for the rest of these 99 days. Space them out so you have some breathing space too.

For instance, you can plan to study from 3pm- 9pm every day. If you put in your all in that six hours daily, you are free to play mine craft, read a book or watch TV after 9pm daily.

2. Follow your plan

Once you have a plan, adhere to it.

More often than not, we spend hours planning our schedule and end up using it as a decorative item.

Follow it for it to be effective.

3. Exercise

No matter how busy we are, allocate half an hour a day on exercise. It helps.

Run 1.6km below your estate or swim 10 laps if you have a pool. You will feel fresh and determined to work.

4. Work in groups

If you are someone who need company, and aren’t distracted by your friends, arrange to study together after school.

Peer support is useful in times of need.

5. Music

You can “shake it off” to Taylor Swift or dance to Uptown Funk to release some stress. Just don’t spend five hours doing that. Music is always therapeutic. Some students study better with the radio on. Do that if you concentrate.

Relax and keep calm but don’t go too easy on yourself. Always good to have some pressure to keep you on your toes.

Wei is the co-founder of Study Room, a school which believes in fun learning for the children and teaching with passion. Check the facebook site out at

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