How Water Can Solve Your Health Woes

S L Yao’s daughter has been suffering from recurring eczema since birth. “There would always be patches of thickened skin around her toes and knees. We could only try to keep her condition under control… it never seemed to be cured” lamented Yao.

Another parent who goes by the username mummy_linda on the KiasuParents forum was worried about her children getting pimples, a bane of pubescent teens. She commented: “My kids are moving into adolescent years and I’ve seen how my nephews and nieces used to struggle with self-esteem issues arising from bad skin during their teenage phase.”

Like Yao and mummy_linda, we are sure many parents fret incessantly when helping our children cope with nagging skin problems. It can be frustrating and worrying when topical creams, oral medication, soap-free skincare products and many other kinds of supposed remedies don’t seem to help.


We are what we eat… and drink

Maintaining a proper pH balance, also known as the acid and alkaline balance, in our body is the key to good health. And this can be achieved either by changing the water we drink to Alkaline and be amazed to see how your body change

Research has also shown that too much acid-producing food (such as processed foods, dairy products and sweets), stress and exposure to toxins in the environment can cause our health to suffer. We may begin to get aches and pains, or worse still, develop serious degenerative illnesses, including cancer. An acidic diet is also a major cause of obesity among children. In short, it is like letting our bodies succumb to corrosion.

Conversely, an alkaline diet can neutralize acidity and restore our body’s pH. But keeping to a strict 80-20 diet (with 80% alkaline foods such as pesticide-/herbicide-free fruits and vegetables and 20% acidic foods such as grains, bread and animal protein) can be a tall order. Families will know that acid-producing food can be difficult to resist, especially for children who love snacks like processed sausages, cheese or candy.

The good news is that turning our drinking water into alkaline water is the easier alternative to maintain a healthy pH balance.

Incidentally, this was what Yao’s family tried and their daughter’s eczema saw vast improvement as a result. Yao said: “After switching to WaterSource alkaline water for only a few weeks, we noticed our daughter’s skin has become smoother than ever. Her eczema condition is now under better control.”

Similarly, Ivy Ceniza, who used to suffer from skin breakouts said: “In the past, my face was full of pimples. After drinking alkaline water and washing my face with acidic water, my pimples started to lessen and within about 6 months, my pimples were gone! It was amazing! I thought there was no remedy at all! I tried many types of medications for my pimples but to no avail. Alkaline water is indeed the best and safe way, even for people who have sensitive skin.”

Why alkaline water, specifically?

Studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) have shown that the secret to longevity in some remote villages in the world is consuming water with high alkaline content. Alkaline ionized water have similar characteristics to their natural water. In fact, alkaline ionized water has been endorsed by the Japanese and Korean governments to be health improving water since the ‘60s and ‘70s and are currently being used in some hospitals in Japan and Korea as medical devices.

For those trying to lose weight, alkaline water helps improve metabolism and burn extra calories and fat to maintain a fit and healthy body. Allan, a WaterSource customer was overweight, got tired easily and visited the doctor often before discovering alkaline water. After a few weeks of drinking alkaline water and doing regular exercise coupled with proper diet, his body weight decreased. He now feels more energetic and has minimized his visits to the doctor.

With a higher alkaline content to restore a body’s pH balance, promote better nutrient absorption and detoxification among others, alkaline water has been a panacea for many health conditions.

Dr Mona Harrison, a former director of the International Water Council once commented: “Alkaline ionized water is great for Attention Deficit Disorder as this condition is caused by too much rhodium and iridium in the brain.  Alkaline ionized water calms these types of children.”

Better Brain functions and concentration in children can be enhanced by drinking alkaline ionized water as well. Since it is high in oxygen, it also provides energy for physical activities, while its rich ionic mineral-content (namely calcium) promotes strong bones and teeth.

Tired of nagging your children to drink more water? Children may find alkaline ionized water sweeter and smoother than regular water, thus making it more palatable, not to mention cleaner and healthier. It is also great for cooking as your food will cook faster and the natural taste of the ingredients is enhanced.

Where can we get a good alkaline water ionizer?

Today, among the various brands of alkaline ionizers available in the market, WaterSource alkaline water ionizers are recognised by three independent research companies in the USA as having the best quality. Besides offering great features, they are also low maintenance and electricity saving.

What makes WaterSource Alkaline Water so different?

WaterSource alkaline water boasts the 6 Health characters and certified as a medical device by Korea’s Food and Drug Administration.

  • 30 seconds instantly hydrates cells, eliminate toxins and absorbs more nutrition and more vitality.
  • Highest count of Antioxidants power (-500 to -800)  to combat free radical that damage our bodies.
  • 10 convenient showrooms island wide
  • 363 days customer support

By investing in an alkaline water ionizer, families can easily recreate ‘Healthy’ water similar to that found in longevity village right in your urban home.

See more reasons to choose WaterSource here and learn how you can safeguard your family’s health with WaterSource today!

For more information, visit or call hotline: 93256199

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