Ideas of places to Bring Children

Here is a list place to bring the kids compiled from our many threads and previous articles contributed by our parents.  

 Asian Civilization Museum
There are eleven galleries with ExploreAsian Zones that are specially designed for children. 
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With beautiful landscaping, interesting gardening concepts and at least three concept playgounds, Hortpark is a popular place to bring the family for an educational and funfill time. 
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Castle Beach
This is a place where families can bond and experience the beauty and work involve in making sandcastles. Get their patented 11 part building kit to start making intricate looking structures such as owers, staircases and battlements for the castles.
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Wallace Education Centre at Dairy Farm Nature Park
This use to be a dairy farm but today it offers a nice education center and short and cool rainforest trails. Good for getting back in touch with the nature and some excercise.
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Qian hu Fish Farm
View a wide variety of tropical fishes here, feed the tortise, catch long gao fish and get a fish spa. Enjoy the beautiful fishes and buy all you need to set up an aquarium in your own home.
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West Coast Park
McDonalds, many many playgrounds, Go karts and a view of the sea and ships. Perfect place for a picnic, flying kites, cycling and lots of fun.
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 For more places to bring kids, check out


good info. thx


go prawning. 

You can bbq the prawns there too

Great Info.

I like the short detailed info.

Great recommendations!!!

I had been to Qian hu Fish Farm. It is really an enjoyable and relaxing place, especially when catching the longgao fish. hehe


Thanks for the recommendations, will check the Qian Hu Fish Farm!

thanks for compilation.

thanks for compilation.

Thanks. Was just cracking

Thanks. Was just cracking my head on where to bring my son on weekends. Seems to have exhausted those hangout near my estate.

great recommendation! mummy

great recommendation! mummy of 2 I have add that to the list 🙂

Good suggestion. Thanks for

Good suggestion. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the compilation. Another place I recommend is the West Coast Park.


thanks for the suggestions! more places to bring my kid to explor!

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