Improve Results with Stronger Learning Skills

Some questions to get us thinking about what our children are learning and more importantly, HOW are they learning.

Question 1: Does your child learn English, Maths, Science and Mother Tongue in school?

Question 2: Is your child given tasks/homework such as spelling, mental sums, comprehension, composition, problem sums, reading?

Summing up the above two questions:

All children learn the same subjects in school and are given academic tasks to perform so that we can evaluate their achievement levels, as compared to the rest of their peers.

However, the fact remains that even though all children learn the same subjects and are given similar academic tasks, not all children will perform or achieve equally.

Given all curriculum and tasks being equal (almost), what then determines the different scores children achieve?

The answer lies in the child’s Learning Abilities – what are their learning strengths and weaknesses?

If the child:

(i)    has difficulty with verbal relations (understanding the link between words in a passage), they would not be able to score in comprehension

(ii)    is weak in auditory attention (capacity to hold verbal information), he/she will have difficulty with mental sums

(iii)    is weak in verbal sequence (understanding the order and flow of connected sentences), they would not be able to structure their thoughts or writing fluently for oral tasks or composition

(iv)    is weak in visual skills (seeing details in words, symbols, numbers, etc), he/she will make careless mistakes when reading, writing or copying

(v)    has poor memory (capacity to retain and recall what was learned), he/she will forget what has been taught and will not be able to recall information effectively

Just as an athlete works on improving his skills so that he can perform better, a child can achieve more if they are equipped with stronger learning abilities to handle the tasks given to them.

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