Improve Results with the RIGHT Skills

Just as an athlete needs stamina in order to run long distances and a gymnast needs strong core muscles for balance, our children also need the right skills to learn, excel and improve their results.

And given the right skills, learning of subjects and doing of school tasks will become much more effective.

For example:

  • To learn weekly spelling, the child needs to first have sufficient memory capacity to store and retain the words
  • To understand a passage, the child needs to first have strong relational thinking to connect the ideas and words
  • To transfer their workings without mistakes, the child needs to first develop keen visual sharpness to see details
  • To absorb what the teacher is teaching in class, the child needs to be equipped with the ability to focus and concentrate

Equipped with the right skills, every child has the potential to learn more effectively, perform better and enjoy their learning process much more!

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Article contributed by Thinkersbox

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