Improving Your Child’s Handwriting

Hi all, I agree that the computer may have negated the importance of good penmanship, but I feel it is important for other people to be able to read what you have hand-written in a message or postcard.

In fact, some top schools actually get the students to pen their personal statements in their own handwriting during the application for Direct School Admission. Guess, the handwriting is one way the school can tell the attitude and maybe character of the student. I recall that RGS girls in the past, used to have a special form of cursive writing. From the writing, we can even tell that the girl belongs to that school. i wonder if it’s still true today.

Nice handwriting does tell a lot about the child. He or she is most likely to be meticulous, perfectionist, takes work seriously, takes pride in her work, careful and patient.(but fussy as well Laughing )

I did some research and gathered some helpful tips on helping to improve a child’s handwriting.

  • Proper Pencil Grip
    • Ensure the child is holding the pen or pencil properly and the whole arm must be involved in the writing process, not just the muscles on the hand. The pen or pencil should rest between the index and middle finger and the grip on the pen or should be gentle.
  • Posture and Position
    • Ensure the child is writing on a table which is suitable for his height. Check his posture. Some children like to put their head on the table – while writing while others write while sitting on the floor. All these habits should be and can be corrected.
  • Have the kids learn to analyze their own writing to help them understand how they can improve. Provide a weekly sample of writing yourself with clear errors in it (such as poor letter formation, letter size, not aligning the letters on the line or not spacing words appropriately). Just one sentence is enough. Get the child to rewrite it to make it legible.
  • Try some fun writing activities at home. Make a weekly grocery list. Start by looking around the kitchen and get the child to write down the names of common items you need to buy (milk, eggs, bread ), legibly of course.
  • Plan an outing.Ask your child to think of all the things you may need. You can help her write them out one time and then ask her to copy it out as neatly as she can. Have her circle the letters that she feels are her very best handwriting.
  • Catch the child doing right. Always seize the opportunity to compliment her nice and neat handwriting.

Remember, encouragement is key! Very Happy


This topic is timely. Still

This topic is timely. Still having problem with my P3 girl handwriting. I can’t bear to read her handwriting ;(

Must remember your last sentence "Encouragement is  key"!

Can I add 1 more : "Don’t give up !"


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