An Inclusive school with in-house Speech-Language Pathologist and Early Intervention Teaching Team

Are you concern about your child’s development?

Early childhood development is the most critical stage of human development. Adequate early childhood stimulation and effective academic and experiential learning impacts the total development of a child.

At Petite Forest Academy

Petite Forest Academy advocates for the total development of young children. Our focus is to provide top notch inclusive education for both mainstream and exceptional children. Our in-house child development specialists and qualified teaching team work collaboratively for our children’s growth, learning and life journey.

*In the best interest of each child, all newly enrolled students will undergo professional assessment before being recommended suitable curriculum.

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* Playgroup for 18 months to 3 years old

Every child is unique and important. A child’s first 3 years of motor skill, thinking skill, adaptive skill and social skill development is the most critical window period.  Our qualified teachers and in-house child development team has an effective program to train our tiny tots.  Successful foundation building in this arena will impact each child’s future life long journey. Our professional team partners with teachers and parents to groom toddlers into happy independent children.

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 * School Readiness Program for children with mild special needs in preparation for primary school admission

Some children require early intervention and specialized training before integration into local mainstream schools. Our school provide School Readiness Programs developed by our Early Intervention Team to prepare children for integration and transition into primary school setting.

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*Speech-Language Pathology Services for children with learning delays

For unknown reasons, a small group of children face challenges in their speech, language and literacy milestones. Our Speech-Language Pathologist has the wealth of experience and knowledge to conduct assessments and intervention for the children who require her expertise support.  These children with special needs are taught specific learning skills through meaningful and engaging activities.

Ask about our therapy services for these children who need specific help!

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*Speech & Drama for mainstream & special needs children

Speech & Drama is a fun program enjoyed by all children. At Petite Forest, we tailor programs for both regular and exceptional children in a conducive and inclusive environment.  

Enquire about our Speech & Drama programs for all preschoolers!

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