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Indoor Playgrounds

Here is a list of indoor playgrounds around Singapore:

The Bubs’ Hub (East Coast Parkway)

A new indoor and outdoor playground right next to the sea!  Check out their birthday party packages.

Go-Go Bambini (Dempsey)
Surrounded with nice eating places and its own cafe. Free for parents and kids under 1 year old.

Kidz Amaze (Toa Payoh Safra is being redeveloped so Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh is close. Thanks Funguy71 for the info. )
At just $7 for entrance  and more discount for members, this playground is very popular. Have yet to check it out but heard it is worth every cent going in.

  Members pay $11 while non members price is $22 during peak hours. Membership is for kids up to 12 years old.

Polliwogs (East Coast)
For the parents, there is a very comfortable sitting area and free flow of coffee and tea. Bring coins. Your kids will want the snacks from their vending machine when they are taking a break from playing. $18 for 90 mins on weekends.

Kidz Amaze (Jurong Safra)
It is new and big and full of challenging and fun stuff especially for older kids.  Usual price is $15 for non members.  Kidz Amaze membership are for age from 3yrs to 18 yrs.

Little O’Zone (Orchid Country Club beside the orchid bowl)
$8 dollars an hour for non members. Interesting looking structures with facilities for toddlers. For kids 18 months to 12 years.

* Admission age and charges are base on the last published information on the individual centre’s website.

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Great place!

Great place!

Thanks for the valuable

Thanks for the valuable information. We can definitely try out these indoor games.



Nice one

Hope to visit Bambini soon.

Kidz Amaze (Toa Payoh Safra

hi friends.. just be inform.. Toa Payoh Safra is close for renov till 2013..

sorry to see my kids favourite playground gone in history.. when it is reopen i guess they will have grow out of it then..:)



Thanks for the recommendations.  Have gone to Little O’zone.  Kid still a bit young to appreciate all the high structures but will definitely go again to explore the others when he is older!

Hi Buds!

Hi Buds,

You have mentioned that you are helping a group of under-previledged kids? Which organisation is that and can I volunteer in it? You can email me direct –

Thanks, Lauretta.

what a fantasic list! Now i

what a fantasic list!

Now i know what to do come next school hols!  Thanks so much for the work MINTCC  !!  🙂


Wow, went to Jurong Amaze before and didn’t know they have one in Toa Payoh Safra too!

Hey moms, if you want slimmer waist-line, go check it out and join in with your kids! The tunnels and funnels are bound to have you “twisting and turning”! However, it gets claustrophobic after a while both my daughter & I couldn’t wait to get out!

Saw one dad got stuck at the hips in one of the tunnels. It was hilarious!

 Thanks for the list -

 Thanks for the list – this is great. I agree that the TP safra one is value for money. Have been to it a few times and the kids love it.


Thanks  AppleTree.  Good

Thanks  AppleTree.  Good sharing about Jurong Safra.

Great summary  Just to

Great summary 

Just to add… My son and his cousins all got bums from the slides at Jurong SAFRA. I think it’s because the slides are all very steep and the little ones get knocked at every turns.

Hi buds, entrance fee at TP

Hi buds, entrance fee at TP Safra Kids Amaze : for non members – $4 (Weekdays – non sch holidays & non public holidays), $7 (Weekends / Sch holidays & public holidays ). 

Nice review on TP SAFRA..

Nice review on TP Safra, GreenQ!

How much for non-members… would

you know the rates?



 Will probably try out today for 2 hours.

I think Toa Payoh Safra

I think Toa Payoh Safra Kids Amaze suit for children above 4 yrs old. The slides or other playscape there are quite challenging – huge and high. Parents do not allow to enter together with kids. So we don’t know what happen to our kids inside those area out of our sight.  I think better to bring at least 2 kids to accompany for each other… 🙂 Anyway, sometimes the staff there will walk around to keep an eye on our kids too.
For members, $3 (weekdays) or $4 (weekends). Kids must wear socks. Or buy from ticket counter if they dont.
Once kids have the stamping chop on their hands and do not wash it away, they can play all day long b4 the playground closed at 6pm. You can leave the place and come back again too if you want, without having to pay the entrance fee again on same day. I used to see some parents packed their light lunch box there. After having lunch, their kid continue to play! 
Have fun, MMM!

Anyone tried Safra TP>?


Anyone tried this place? Wonder if the young (4 yrs old) and the older ones (7 and 8 yrs old) will like it?

We were planning on explorer kid this afternoon but thot of trying out someone new.

Anyone tried Safra TP>?


Anyone tried this place? Wonder if the young (4 yrs old) and the older ones (7 and 8 yrs old) will like it?

We were planning on explorer kid this afternoon but thot of trying out someone new.

Hi , thanks for the list

Hi , thanks for the list of playgrounds.  I’ve heard about most of them, but only went to eXplorer kids and GoGoBambini.

Now with the list, I will definitely run down the list and bring my kids to other playground for a try. 

well, I suppose east side

well, I suppose east side playground are more ex.
Thanks for your summary.

Yup! Thank goodness for

Yup! Thank goodness for indoor playgrounds! radiantmum I always scratch head myself on where to bring my active boy. Then a friend introduce me to such playgrounds. I am hook ever since.

Wow bÜds, it is inspiring how you took your student to eXplorer kids. They look like they are having lots of fun! And thanks for the photos and review of the places. Think Jurong Safra and eXplorer will be next on my playground  must try list!



Geez, thanks. Am always

Geez, thanks. Am always scratching my head where to bring my kiddo to. Indoor playgrounds are fantastic for the mother whom doesnt like outdoor and to get sweaty!

Fantastic Guide!

Heyya Mincy, this is a FANTASTIC guide to

indoor playgrounds in Singapore!


Thanks for compiling this so nicely!  


I’ve taken my group of students of under-

privileged kids. They have barely enough

to even eat, what more go for special

childrens’ excursions… So, on their

last session after our evaluation & also

our Parent-Teacher-Meet, we surprised

them by bringing them all to the eXplorer

Kids at E-hub (Downtown East). They had

a REAL blast. Indoor and air-conditioned

as it may be, i was sweating away playing

with all of them. The rock wall feature was

a hit for confidence-building activity and i

made sure everyone of them tried it..


The ball pool was a hit too!

The space is huge and rather spacious

but try to avoid peak-seasons. ie. school

hols and public holidays… so you and ur

child can have the space all to yourselves.


Socks is a must!


The SAFRA at Jurong is huge too. 3-storey

high but a lil’ dim with regards to the lighting

at least from my point of view.  I like the

idea that the children can help to collect the

colourful balls and get them sucked into the

whole, down the pipes and woooshh… out

the come from the top again. Cool!


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