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Internal Drive Theory(R): Motivate Your Child to WANT to Study

This book documents 11 different motivation strategies, each inspired by an established stream of research in the field of Human Motivation. These strategies are designed to bring about Internal Drive Ignition(R) in children (and in adults too). They form a larger basket of strategies that Dr Petunia Lee uses to ignite internal drive in children.

Don’t we all wish our children would like to study and love to learn? Most parents are unaware that there are simple, effective and LOVING strategies to get the child to willingly study. Each research-inspired strategy is explained simply and illustrated with real life anecdotes in order to paint the hows and whys of its use in vivid detail.

I wrote this book because I saw so much pain in so many families. Parents love their children and fear for them. Often, the love and fear commingle and come forth in a stream of scoldings, bribes and nagging that only serve to make children dislike studying. Unknowingly, loving but anxious parents achieve the opposite of what they want. They want their children to WANT to study and do well in school. Instead, because they don’t know how to motivate, they end up with children who will only study when they are forced to.

This book is written to help parents shine love into their children’s lives. I have faith that you all love your children. Sometimes though… we love so anxiously that we fail to love properly. This book gives parents loving methods with which to build in their children the internal drive to WANT to study. With these methods in hand, parents feel more empowered and less anxious. In the calmness of both mind and spirit, the love all parents feel for their children can better shine through.

As a result, families are stronger… children are emotionally more balanced… and most importantly for me, Singaporean children have sweeter childhoods even whilst they work hard to meet the stringent standards of Singapore’s highly demanding educational system. I started off wanting to improve the lives of Singaporean children, but to do that, the only way I knew how was to teach parents how to motivate lovingly and effectively. Then, a parent pointed out that I was improving the quality of parent living too.

You can purchase the book by clicking here. You can read reader reviews by clicking here.

May this book shine love into your family for generations to come.

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