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iPad Apps that are Great for Young Children & FREE !


1. Disney & Pixar’s Toy Story 

From the makers of "Toy Story", a iPad Read-Along apps that features familiar characters from the movie, like Woody & Buzz, that will keep our young ones entertained and occupied for hours. It is a fully interactive reading experience packed with Games, Movie Clips, Finger Painting Colouring Pages, Sing-along to tunes from the movie, and Surprises on every page. Hear the story read aloud, record our own narration, or explore the story at our own pace. And it is FREE !! "Toy Story 2" & "Toy Story 3" are retailing at $8.99 each. 


2. Talking Tom Cat for iPad 

Talking Tom Cat is a virtual pet cat that responds to our touch and repeats everything we say in a funny voice. We can pet him and he will purr. We can also poke & punch him, step on his legs and pull his tail. 2 quick punches will knocked him off his feet. Pour him milk and he will greatly drinks. We can also record a sequence and upload it to facebook and youtube.

Yes, it is a silly game but hey, my DS just loved it. My first recorded message to him was reminding him to go do his homework first before playing with my iPad. He couldn’t stop laughing when he heard Tom saying that.

This app is FREE ! This is a Hippo expansion that is chargeable though.


3. Chalk_Board by Takaaki Mizota

A great finger painting board that resemble a chalkboard with 4 different colours of chalk.

I find this quite handy when I revise school work with DS. He used it to practise his spelling too. Somehow, revision is no longer as dull as it used to be.

And this great apps is FREE too !




4. Labyrinth 2 HD Lite

A fun game of tilting and balancing with the aim of getting the metal ball through a labyrinth filled with obstacles & traps to the end point. This is an enhanced version of that available on iPhone, with new levels fitted perfectly for the iPad’s bigger screen.

It includes games elements like: cannons, bumpers, multiple balls, doors, magnets, fans, re-sizers, merry-go-arounds, duplicators, lasers, trap-doors etc. There is single player mode and up to 4 players multi-player mode connected via wifi or bluetooth. The Lite version is free.

 5. MyLittleBigBook

The wonderful apps by David Hole offers a diverse and sizeable collections of children books, which are free and accessible, and easily read online or downloaded.

It offers children classics like Peter Rabbits collections by Beatrix Potter, books by Raggedy Ann, "Little Miss Muffett", "Three Blind Mice", "The Little Engine That Could", "The Ugly Ducklings" etc etc.



6. ABC Phonics Animals Writing HD Free Lite

Phonics, finger tracing writing, cute picture. What else can we parents ask for?

– Pronunciations of the full word – Touch the word
– Animal Sounds (i.e. dog barks) – Touch the animal
– Easy to Read in Fun, Bold Block Letters.
– Bright and Colorful Visual
– Easy for child to use. Design to be used by the kids alone or with parents in an interactive session. .


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This is just great!

So glad I chanced on this article! … Thanks to all for sharing … can’t wait to check out edusnap and other recommended apps … cheers!

Any one Else can answer mobile Apps for School will be useful?

it is the best for Kindergarten to have a Educational game Apps for School?



SOunds fun

SOunds fun

I want to add another app for studying

When my daughter asked me about her mathematics questions, it takes me about 15-20mins to consider and get the best instruction (of me) for her. However, today one of my friends (she got 3children,haha) sent me EduSnap app, its pretty strange at first but really useful. At first I snap a picture of my daughter’s P4 math homework and to post it the app. After 5 minutes, I finally got an answer with detailed guidline from some online tutors. 

So I strongly recommend this app. Btw, its free to download.

So… good job Edusnap.

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Farm Story

Both me and DD are addicted to Farm Story on iPad. Farm Story is like Farmville in Facebook but more fun. Some of the plants can grow in 1 min so you can sow the seeds, watch them grow and harvest within a min!  It’s really fun.

Kids can also learn a lot from playing the game: 

1. Financial management. In order to buy a nice looking barn, you have to save enough $$ by planting crops or trees and not waste it on other unnecessary items which takes up space but do not yield anything. This teaches them the concept of investement, delayed gratification and the difference of assets and liabilities.

2. Helping each other. By visiting and watering others’ farms, you get reciprocated and earn extra $$.

3. Math. They have to calculate which crop to plant that gives you the highest profitability.

4. Creativity. They can design their own farm using different crops/flowers to create patterns on the farm or create a lovely garden. I saw one of the fellow farmers put together different colors of hays and other stuff and created a singapore flag on his farm. It was pretty impressive.

We just tried Talking Tom

We just tried Talking Tom Cat on our iphone and it was hilarious! I bet it will be twice the fun on the ipad!

just in time. tks for

just in time. tks for recommend

free ipad apps for kids

Check out also

1) Virtuaso- a piano app that is fantastic

2) Forest Friends

3)Math Play

4) A story B4 Bed

5)Bday BragBook


Thanks for the list. I’ll check them out when DH’s ipad arrives. Talking Tom Cat sounds like Talking Carl, an iphone app. The chalkboard looks good. Maybe that’ll get my DD1 to be more motivated when revising her Chinese tingxie.


where is my iPad? 

Added 3 New Recommendations

I added 3 recommendations
Labyrinth 2 HD Lite, a game
MyLittleBigBook, a collections of free children books
ABC Phonics Animals Writing HD Free Lite, Phonics, finger tracing writing, ABC

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Thanks for the Encouragement

Hi mintcc, duriz, minnie2004

Thanks for the encouragement.

Yes, we are having lots of fun with the iPad. There are many educational apps and games that are suitable for children of different age groups, and quite a number of them are free.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Thanks for the timely

Thanks for the timely sharing tankee! DH just brought back the iPad yesterday and the kids just couldn’t take their hands off it!  I’ll ask DH to download these apps. Just hope they don’t get too addicted and refuse to do the homework. Please keep sharing with us if you have found new interesting apps though 

I wish I had an iPad

I wish I had an iPad too. The Chalkboard app looks real cool. We have a chalkboard in the kitchen where DD scribbles while I’m doing chores or cooking. She loves playing with my iPhone with the Baby Scribble app.

Thanks for sharing Tankee 

thanks for sharing Tankee!

thanks for sharing Tankee! The apps looks realy cool. Now I wish I have an ipad.

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