Is Pre-school for N1/N2 Necessary?

I can understand how difficult and frustrating it is to coax an unwilling 3-4 year old to go to school on a daily basis.. i have been there.. and yes, its like nothing seems to work to get the kiddo move faster. Rolling Eyes

This is only in my personal opinion, which you may or may not agree with.. N2, parents should be able manage if the child is home-schooled (in a way lah), and if one is a stay home parent all the more beneficial if more time can be spent to coach the child in the usual areas to prep them for mainstream K1.

There are many resources easily available to run your own written and learning activities at home in most good bookstores , to do with an N2 child.

If the child at age N2 can be receptive to short enrichment programme hours then it’s feasible.  Cause there are some children in N2 who are not necessarily ready (depending on the enrichment programme of choice)… gotta observe.  And K1 at PCF is fine with the intent / plan of supplementing the child for outside enrichment programme. So, you wud have mainstream drilling and P1 environment preps in PCF, plus the acceleration and deeper understanding for Math & Language up till K2. Its a sound idea to me for your current dilemma.

I just received a call from a lady – an aquaintance to an old friend of mine who said her child cannot read or write and she is worried since child will be in P1 next year. From the orientation with the PCF after her child was accepted there, she said the centre gave parents the impression that reading skills will be incorpporated into the centre’s curriculum, and likewise for Math readiness.  She is surprised the child is barely learning anything in school when she tries to find out from him (test him & play with him). The child also seems to go through the motion of sch-going and does not show any interest nor any displeasure.  Has nothing to share after school on most days too.  Like, "Yeah, school’s ok… as usual, mum…" Rolling Eyes

Pre-school is not compulsory as of yet, but its just that giving them a sneak preview… or a rough idea of school… and of course providing/introducing the basic academics that prepares a child for primary education that makes it a natural preference to put children in pre-schools. It provides for a smoother transition into the primary school phase (for most).

Having said that however, the mind of an N2 is escalating from their natural curiosity and they are at a great stage/age of learning many new concepts, it would be good if he is given the oppotunities to explore them in the comfort of home – at least till December. Join library children group activities and story hour when you can to have the child be in an all-children environment for the exposure to being around other children & encourage child to play with others at the playground and visits with cousins (if any). This hopefully would help child develop the interaction amongst children his age without having to be in an actual pre-school.

Dunno if it helps, but just to share my thoughts.

PS : My elder one attended only half of N2 last time.. Wink


I believe the first few

I believe the first few years are very crucial. We must give our kids lots of stimulation to prepare them for the rest of the years to come.

Parents are always the best teachers and we cannot just depend on enrichments or expensive schools or tutors. So if we are not prepared to send them for pre-school then i think the parents should take the full responsibiilty to ensure the kids gets the right amount of exposure and stimulation. Kids should be well-prepared for formal education. 

Unless they are already exposed to group learning environment, it can also get difficult for them to learn to share. Having siblings or cousins to play with is totally different in a seated class environment. We all been through it.

To me, pre-school is just exposing and nurturing the child on time management (class schedules), social skills and to lay the foundation for more complex academic concepts that they will be taught in school.  I think most of the pre-schools now also help nurture love for learning in kids so they dont find school or homework a chore next time. 

Its a must for working parents. And for stay at home parent? Well, If they can ensure that they can do all the above, then there should not be any problem for the child. However, I still feel having a fix schedule to go school and away from your parents can help build independence. Home environment is always most relaxed so I believe being OUT there will help the kid learn to adapt to different environment. Thus learning  better social skills, to be more receptive to changes and adapt quickly to situations on their own.

Imagine having a crying kid at one first day of P1.. They might be teased for that later..




It's not necessary but a

It’s not necessary but a necessity for working parents 

& depends if parents are disciplined in providing the training and conscientious in sourcing right level of activities to stimulate the child. Academic learning aside, in a group environment, kids generally learn to be independent & to share better.



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