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Is your child ready for the digital age? Give them a head start now!

“Hey, what do you guys teach my son today?” a stern voice from a mother came through the phone, clearly sounding a little unhappy.

“Hi Anna, how are you? We taught Ben how to program a mobile App on his phone. To be specific, we taught him how to code his own photo editing app. Is there anything wrong? Is he okay?” replied our instructor who took Ben’s class for the first App Inventor class that morning.

“I see! That’s why. Do you know what he did when he got home?”

In today’s increasingly digital world, programming language is becoming the new literacy. Children are highly exposed to technology, from smart phones to computers. But how many of them are digital literate? In other words, how many of these children can read and write codes? Truth be told, most of our children today are only mere consumers of technology.

Here at Tink Tank, we do not believe that every child should be a programmer but we believe that every child should understand how computer works and gain comfort in reading and writing codes. Why is that so? The World Economic Forum says that the top 3 skills that your child needs to excel in the future workforce are: Ability to solve complex problem, Critical thinking and Creativity. To solve complex problems, your child needs to have computational thinking skills.

Besides, jobs in the market are slowly being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. Companies are going digital, cutting headcounts and bringing automation to reduce costs and boost profit. The trend is clear that our children are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. So rather than being passive consumers of technology, we want your child to be future-ready- to be creators and change makers, leveraging the world of programming as a tool for success.

At Tink Tank, we believe that programming doesn’t only teach a child how to think but it also builds character. That is why we believe that a child’s learning attitude is more important than his/her intelligence. Every child who comes for Tink Tank lesson will meet a stumbling block when they program their games, app or website. It is at this moment that we build the ‘Never Give Up’ spirit in them and empower them with growth mindset to be persistent and to continuously put in quality effort till he/she reaches the end of goal in mind.

“So, Anna, what did Ben do?”

“When Ben reached home, he took everyone’s phones including his brother to his dad and even grandma and started coding his app into each of their phones!” the mother burst out laughing, expressing her sincere happiness that her 8-year old eldest son has been so interested in programming.

“Well Anna, looks like you have a future creator living under your roof!”

Just like Ben, your child can start his/her programming journey. As you plan for the year-end holidays, why not consider giving your child the opportunity to learn something different? 

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