Island Tutors: The School That Goes To You

Finding suitable tuition can be a nightmare! Whether it’s organising transportation arrangements, matching class schedules, or engaging private tutors who rely on dated assessment books, the options for an all-rounded tuition service is extremely limited.

Tuition Options

As parents, we realised that many students spend excess hours on their academic enrichment classes, with transport time and waiting time sometimes taking as long as the actual tuition time. Children waste precious time just waiting around when they could be doing something more meaningful with the extra hours.

Yet, the quality of private tutors is too unregulated compared to the traditional tuition centres. They lack strong administrative support and offer no guarantee in commitment to their students. “Star tutors” would also make the same demands on time from their students, which left us without any option for the most beneficial arrangements for our children.

The Best of Both Worlds

It was with this thinking that Island Tutors was launched in 2020. Two years in the making, Island Tutors revolutionises the way tuition is conducted by bringing a top-notch education experience straight to you at home. We combine proven, research-based teaching pedagogies with high quality curricular materials, with in-depth topical notes, practices, hands-on experiment kits, and digital activities.

Our curricular materials prepare students for more than just the PSLE. Systematic and comprehensive notes and questions equip students with the necessary skills to analyse questions, understand the rationale behind experimental designs and apply answering techniques to express their thought process accurately and concisely.

Subjects are not learnt by simply being taught – our teachers are trained to actively engage the student throughout the entire learning process. From asking the right questions for students to construct their own understanding to conducting experiments to help students deduce answers, our tutors ensure that students understand deeply and can apply concepts.

All this, at your convenience, at home!

Supporting our Students’ Success

Having completed our first PSLE year, it was a great show of success by Island Tutors in achieving 50% of students scoring AL1 (>90 marks) and 86% getting AL3 (>80 marks) and above.

Our mission continues to be to support and enable all students with the best education experience possible! If you think this is aligned with your belief system, reach out to us at 97368851 or [email protected] for a $60 trial that comes with a free set of curricular materials!