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Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden Outing

It was DS’s childcare holiday. So we decide to make a trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. It was a hit with DS. The place have a great variety of things to play with and lots of room to run and explore. It was great for mummy too as there is plenty of beautiful trees and flowers with clear signs and little bits of information around the garden to make the trip an educational one for both of us.

The visitor centre of the park have a very interesting sculpture in the shape of a tree.

We were greeted with the view of the water play area.

I am impressed to see so many plants with nice big signs.

The real highlight of the trip is however this….the tree house.

Other than the tree house, there is also a suspension bridge and waterfall with a cave. For more pictures of the garden check out


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Thanks for sharing

My daughter likes playing at the water play area

Great place!

Thanks for the recommendations!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Another place to bring my 2 years old girl 🙂

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Nice little hang-out for kids

I brought my daughter to the garden on her 2-year-old birthday last month. She enjoyed it! Her first destination was the waterplay hence before she got to roam around the garden, she was all wet. There was also a little section that teach photosyntheis process where you can turn the wheels that control different components required for the process (eg sunlight, water, etc). Well my gal does not understand what they are, but she had fun turning water sprinkle on! The tree house was another highlight – the slide. Er, I know i am not suppose to be the one doing it, but my gal wanted to play and was so scared. I held on to her and brough her down :p Thank God it was a weekday so nobody stare at me 🙂

Nice Pix

So this is the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden my friend has been telling me. Initially I had no clue what’s it.

Children's Garden!

Thanks Mintcc!

This is a really good recommendation!

Went there for the first time today and my 2.5 yo DS really enjoyed himself!  The place is safe enough for us to give him free rein to run around and run he did!  We managed to go around probably 3/4 of the Garden in about 30 minutes and he just loved the tree house slides!  As today is a public holiday, there were many parents with kids there and the place was quite crowded at the play areas.  But it was wonderfully shady with lots of cool resting places hence it wasn’t too bad for the adults too.  The water-play area was closed for repairs but this was fine with us as we did not want DS to do water-play today.  It will be hard to control him if the water was on!

So thank you very much for the wonderful pictures or else we would not have known of this wonderful place that is so worth visiting!


mathsparks, glad your ds

mathsparks, glad your ds likes the place. Yes, pity only kids can go…luckily we adults need to accompany the kids hee.

amylqf, agree it is kind of small especially when compared to the neighbouring Botanical Gardens. I quite like it that way though cause we don’t have to walk that much. They kind of squeeze lots of things so there is some thing different to see without walking very far.

tree nymph, sunset_dae, LKVM, care mom, hope your kids will enjoy the place 🙂

Great photos

Hey you must be pretty good in photographing. I had suggested DH for a few times to bring DS there. Will show him your posting, hope he get hook. hahaha.

Thank you!

Heard about this place before when DD’s kindy brought them for excursion.Will visit this place when free, thanks ya 😉

Thanks for the review

The park looks good and interesting too, will surely go there for a day’s outing!!

Nice place! thanks for

Nice place! thanks for recommending! This place looks interesting!

mintcc, Thanks for the


Thanks for the review.  We went there only once when the park just opened and there wasn’t many interesting ‘highlights’, like the water play and the tree house.  In addition, the place is not big, therefore we didn’t think that the Park is that interesting. 

However, after reading your post, it seems like I have to bring the kids there again soon!

nice picture! We've been

nice picture!

We’ve been there. quite small though.

excellent place for young ones!

Remember bringing son there during elearning week when he was in Pr5. Though he was too old for the playground and others, he had a first hand look at the various water plants that he read about in his Science book. He enjoyed the treehouse too.

Oh, and this place is for kids below 12 only. So we teased jiejie that if she wanted to go, she would need didi to bring her.



interesting it is!

interesting it is! BlurBee DS have been bugging me to bring him again since the last trip.

thanks buds, yes the kids enjoyed the place…I think Singapore tend to have mosquito at parks though I tought Jacob Ballas is already better than my neighbour hood park. I was super kiasu during that trip though and made DS wear a patch. I think end up I am the one that end up with some bites.

autumnbronze, u r welcome! hope your DS will enjoy the place. 

Nice Review:))


Hi mintcc,

Nice review.  Thank you. 

This is going to be the next stop for DS

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read – Mark Twain



Nice pictures, mintcc!

My daddie brought the girls and i to Jacob Ballas

two or three times. They enjoyed the mini maze &

the last part… the water play! A word of caution tho’

cos DD2 came back with lots of mosquito bites &

other insects too i suppose, so better to come

equipped with the necessary ointment or sprays

whichever you’re used to using to prevent worse

rash or swellings from their follow up scratchings,

soon after the bites/stings. Mebbe too cos the 1

occassion we came was after the rain? So prob

more insects around due to humidity… Niwaes,

the girls had a good time bonding with gramps.



Thank you.

Thank you, mintcc.

Had planned to go but not dunno how interesting it will be to the kids. Thanks for the write up. Now its in my plan list again.

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