Jamu Massage after Pregnancy: Is it beneficial?

It is believed that Jamu Massage has these major benefits:

  1. Reinstate the uterus to its original state
    Help some mums who might experience uterine prolapse (occurs when the uterus slips from its normal position and into the birth canal) to reinstate to its original position.
  2. Eliminate excess body fluid and reduce fluid retention
    Help one’s body in eliminating excess fluid that was retained during the pregnancy.
  3. Stimulate and increase blood circulation
    Promote blood circulation using different herbs, oils and massage techniques. It helps in breastfeeding and prevents engorgement.
  4. Tone over-stretched skin
    Use of a wrap or a traditional binding cloth, it can help new mums restore their pre-baby skin that has been stretched.

Jamu Massage can also reduce stress hormones which prevents and combats postnatal depression. It also relieves back pain that women often complain during and after the pregnancy at the same time it also corrects posture. This therapy is also considered as the much needed pampering that new mummies need after the physical and emotional stress of childbirth.

In Aria’s Specialised Maternal & Infant Care programme, trainees are equipped with skills and knowledge in delivering care and wellness for new mum and new born. Trainees will learn how to render care for mums which include the preparation of confinement meals, drinks, Jamu massage and care for newborn to infant.

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