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Joys of Homemade Bread

Nothing beats homemade bread. Sure, the commercial ones are cheaper and convenient to get. There’s also a lot of variety in the market too.

But there’s something special about homemade stuff. The family gets involved and there’s a sense of growing excitement in the air. Everyone takes furtive peeks into the window of the bread machine as we wait expectantly for the bread to rise.

Very soon, as the machine works its magic, the smell of freshly baked bread wafts through the air, permeating our home with comfort and warmth. Such are the memories of love that we want to linger on for our children.

Finally, the machine beeps. My children whoop with excitement. The bread is ready. We gather around the table as the bread is being prepared to be sliced and served. Crusty on the outside but tender loving warm and soft on the inside. Nice.

So, to borrow MasterCard’s ad lines,

Breadmachine: $318
Bread ingredients: $10
Joy of baking homemade bread: Priceless 

Guess, there are really some things that money can’t buy.

Happy Bread Making, everyone


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

Hi Alora, just read your

Hi Alora, just read your post. The Club Breadmakers can be found in the newbies forum. Do join in the fun as we experiment on new breads and exchange ideas. Not sure abt the brand u mentioned. So far, most of us own the mini Zoji, Severin and Bluesky. See u around in the bread thread soon.  

Always wanted to try breadmaking too

Your article inspires me to re-explore this dream of mine.. to make my own bread.

Can posters here share which bread machine they use? Just saw the google ad about Takada machine – anyone using that?

Also where can I find the breadmaking/baking club mentioned?


Thanks a lot!

I love to make bread too!!

I love to make bread too!!

Priceless Homemade bread

Hi Schweppes,

Thanks for writing this article.   I truely agreed with you that commercial bread is cheaper and has more variety in the market.  Homemade bread is just so PRICELESS and so SPECIAL.  It’s made with tons of LOVE.  I must say that I have fun in the passed few weeks reading up KS breadmaking club and our cheerleader.

 Happy Breadmaking!

Thanks 25hourmaid

Thanks 25hourmaid for the fun the past few days. I’ve never been much of a baker but just participating and sharing in everyone’s excitement makes be excited about breadmaking too. And this is giving me encouragement to try cookies and cakes next 

Thanks amylqf, glad u liked

Thanks amylqf, glad u liked the article 

Thanks Faun, yes agree that

Thanks Faun, yes agree that nothing beats homecook food. Watching our family enjoy our cooking is such a wonderful feeling.

Shhh... about the notti

Shhh… about the notti stories 

Hi there

Hi there Schweppes,

Think I’ve pretty much laid down my pen a long time ago.

Mood’s not there and too busy with sonny.

Maybe one day … again

You are a fantabulous writer Schweppes, your posts and stories in Notti corner attest to that

It goes the same for all

It goes the same for all home-cook food. Be it bread, roast chicken, cake, whatever, it’s the involvement that makes the experience so sweet.

Hi schweppesAs I said so

Hi schweppes

As I said so many times before, I am no Shi Fu where bread making is concerned.  Like everyone else, I am still learning.  Think we have found the real McCoy where bread making is concerned.  

Thanks for the friendship, laughter and the bond we have shared the last few days over the breadmaking thread.

Yes, totally agree with you that Happy Mama’s cheerfulness is really infectious!  

Thanks for the poet in you! 






maid to 3 men and a dog … 

thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing

Hey schweppes!   Anytime

Hey schweppes!   Anytime I am happy to start a thread so long as it brings out the hidden talent in you that everyone here can enjoy and benefit from.   

Thank you Happy Mama

Ahh… our dearest Happy Mama. What more can I say but "Thank You" for being u. Your enthusiasm, excitement and joy is so so infectious in the bread thread.  Whilst Ksi is the thread starter and 25hourmaid is the shifu of all the shifus, you are definitely our lead cheerleader in the Krazy Breadmaking Klub 

Thanks DesertWind

Kekeke… thanks DesertWind, Sending more lovely bread smells your way. Drop by the bread thread if u have time 

Thank you Autumnbronze

From one scribe to another, your words of encouragement and motivation means a lot to me. Thank you for giving me a reason to make my words come alive again. 

Thank you tweety17 for your

Thank you tweety17 for your lovely note. It’s so wonderful making a new cyber friend and bonding over bread.  The past few days and nights have really been fun exchanging ideas and pics 

Wow, LKVM. I am very very

Wow, LKVM. I am very very touched by your comment that you enjoyed my article. Thank you for making my day.  And even tho u have not gotten your breadmaker yet, u are always there to cheer us on. BIG BIG 

WooHoo, dearest Ksi. Cd not

WooHoo, dearest Ksi. Cd not have written that article if not for u being thread starter and cheering us along the way.  

Thanks famangelina, for

Thanks famangelina, for your lovely note. I feel so happy when I see my family enjoying the homemade bread too. 

Thanks imacsg, for your

Thanks imacsg, for your lovely note. Yah, it’s wonderful to see our kids excited over our homemade breads. Actually it’s amazing to see how us mummies can get excited over the bread machine too. Drop by the bread thread and join in the fun. Hope you will pick up bread making again 

Thanks foreverj, so glad

Thanks foreverj, so glad that u liked the article. The actual smell was really heavenly and everyone was so excited at home.  

Hi schweppes, Yum, yum, I

Hi schweppes,

Yum, yum, I can almost smell the bread too!  Thanks for sharing!


hmmm...hmmm... i can almost

hmmm…hmmm… i can almost smell the bread! what a lovely article – it really brings out 家的温暖 

I agree also.  I used to

I agree also.  I used to bake bread with my sons  and they love it.  It is soft and smell good.  They rushed to eat it when it was baked.  We can put their favourite, nuts, fuit, ……into the dough.  They love it, when they see the dough keep rising and become  the bread.



Love and Cannot Agree More

All the wholesome goodness of homemade, wonderful smell and joy …really is PRICELESS. 

Way to go Schweppes!! 

Way to go Schweppes!! 

Very good article

As even said in the thread this article is one of the best article I have come across.. priceless

Extremely well written!

Hi schweppes,, was trying to extract something from your well written post to highlight on what I like about your post. However, end up extracting nothing, know why? Cos’ I would have end up extracting all of it 🙂 n I guess it would be ridiculous for me to put all of it in my comments again.

Well expressed schweppes! Nothing left for me to comment on the joy of bread making, u have written all of it!

Hi there

Hi friend,

You already know how I feel about this piece of article ………….


Love What You Wrote!


I love what Schweppes has written especially :-

Breadmachine: $318
Bread ingredients: $10
Joy of baking homemade bread: Priceless 

Yes, indeed the joy of baking homemade bread is priceless.  Well done Schweppes!


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