Junior Chef Cook Out and Bake Off Bootcamp and Competition!

Does your child love baking or cooking? Calling all young Bakers and Chefs!

junior chef 1  junior chef 2

Empower your children this year end school holidays with a fun-filled program where they will learn to prepare either 3 course meals or baked products during boot camp, just before the competition starts!

This bootcamp and competition will unleash your child’s inner creativity while developing their baking and cooking skills, all while having fun.

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junior chef 5The winners of each categories will stand a chance to win $1000 worth of cash, prizes and vouchers! Each participant will receive a goodie bag worth more than $200 including Kidzania Tickets!

Categories available: 7-11 Years Old , 12-16 Years Old

Price: $488/ Category ( Use code ‘TAKE10” and enjoy 10% OFF)

Register online now at www.creativeculinaire.com.sg or call us at 6324 1663 for more information!

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7- 11 Year Old Cookout (21 Nov, 22 Nov, 25 Nov)

7 -11 Year Old Bake Off (28 Nov, 29 Nov, 2 Dec)

12- 16 Year Old Cookout (23 Nov, 24 Nov, 26 Nov)

12- 16 Year-Old Bake Off (30 Nov, 1 Dec, 3 Dec)