Kiasu Analysis of 2007 PSLE Results

Here’s the Kiasu Analysis of the results of the 2007 PSLE, for the benefit of those contemplating which school to chiong for their up-and-coming future PSLE heros.  The rest of us can use this to decide which schools’ past year papers to purchase to "train" up our kids :).

Top 16 Pupils:

  1. Natasha Nabila Bte Muhamad N/ F/ St. Hilda’s Primary School
  2. Zou Yuhan / F 邹雨函 / Geylang Methodist School (Primary)
  3. Teng Siew Yan Rebecca / F 丁秀恩 / Tao Nan School
  4. Leong Feng Ping Angela / F 梁凤娉 / West Grove Primary School
  5. Pamela Ting Li Ming / F 丁莉明 / Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
  6. Ang Jie / F 洪洁 / Kong Hwa School
  7. Chng Jin / M 庄劲 / Kong Hwa School
  8. Cheong Yi Loong Benny / M / Tao Nan School
  9. Tan Hwee Min Michelle / F / Tao Nan School
  10. Cao Yuxin / M 曹宇新 / Nanyang Primary School
  11. Amanda Choo Min Hui / F 朱明慧 / Nanyang Primary School
  12. Liu Xuetong / F 刘雪彤 / Canossa Convent Primary School
  13. Ng Li Shan Iris / F 吴丽珊 / Nan Chiau Primary School
  14. Tham Seen Mun Melissa / F 谭茜文 / Nanyang Primary School
  15. Liu Ziwei / F 刘子微 / Nanyang Primary School
  16. Lee Jia Le / F 李佳乐 / Nan Hua Primary School

Finding #1

Score: Girls 13, Boys 3!

So if you want a PSLE champ, better start eating more fish to promote your chance at a female off-spring (according to my mum).  Guys are so hopeless these days.

Finding #2

Breakdown based on schools (also known as the Kiasu Parents’ Guide to Which School Principal to Worship):

  • 4 x Nanyang Primary
  • 3 x Tao Nan
  • 2 x Kong Hwa
  • 1 x St. Hilda’s Primary
  • 1 x Geylang Methodist
  • 1 x West Grove Primary
  • 1 x Methodist Girls Primary
  • 1 x Canossa Convent
  • 1 x Nan Chiau Primary
  • 1 x Nan Hua Primary

Finding #3

Kids belonging to the same school tend to have scores close to each other.  Look at the Kong Hwa, Tao Nan, and Nanyang Primary kids.

Read what you want in this finding, but I’ll take it to mean there’s some truth in "group think" and "birds of a feather".  Either they go through the same good teachers, learning in the same groups, or they copy each other’s paper (no lah… just kidding).

Finding #4

There’s only 1 non-Chinese in the group, but hey, no sweat – she beat them all.

Finding #5

Don’t you think that at least 6 of the kids have non-local-sounding names?  Hmm…

Finding #6

Tao Nan, Kong Hwa, and Nan Chiau (or 6/15 top students) belongs to the Hokkien Huay Kuan.  Conclusion – Hokkiens more clever?  or just more Kiasu?

Finding #7

9/15 kids come from GEP schools.  That’s 60%.  But that’s only to be expected right… since the GEP should have sucked up all cream of the crop.  Err…  shouldn’t it have been 100%?

Finding #8

The kid with the longest name topped the group (and the country).  Longer name = more clever?  Sorry… I actually ran out of things to analyze… just want to make up 8 points for better fengshui.

List of primary schools with at least one student with PSLE aggregate score of 275 or more (in alphabetical order of schools) in 2007

  1. Admiralty Primary School
  2. Ai Tong School
  3. Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)
  4. Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
  5. Bedok Green Primary School
  6. Bukit Panjang Primary School
  7. Bukit View Primary School
  8. Canossa Convent Primary School
  9. Catholic High School
  10. CHIJ (Kellock)
  11. CHIJ Our Lady Of The Nativity
  12. CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace
  13. CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)
  14. Chongfu Primary School
  15. Chua Chu Kang Primary School
  16. Clementi Primary School
  17. Compassvale Primary School
  18. Concord Primary School
  19. Corporation Primary School
  20. De La Salle School
  21. East Spring Primary School
  22. Evergreen Primary School
  23. Fairfield Methodist Primary School
  24. Geylang Methodist School (Primary)
  25. Gongshang Primary School
  26. Greenridge Primary School
  27. Haig Girls’ School
  28. Henry Park Primary School
  29. Holy Innocents’ Primary School
  30. Jurong Primary School
  31. Juying Primary School
  32. Kong Hwa School
  33. Lianhua Primary School
  34. Maha Bodhi School
  35. Maris Stella High School
  36. Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
  37. Nan Chiau Primary School
  38. Nan Hua Primary School
  39. Nanyang Primary School
  40. New Town Primary School
  41. Ngee Ann Primary School
  42. Northland Primary School
  43. Pasir Ris Primary School
  44. Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
  45. Pei Chun Public School
  46. Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
  47. Peiying Primary School
  48. Poi Ching School
  49. Qifa Primary School
  50. Queenstown Primary School
  51. Radin Mas Primary School
  52. Raffles Girls’ Primary School
  53. Red Swastika School
  54. River Valley Primary School
  55. Rosyth School
  56. Rulang Primary School
  57. Sembawang Primary School
  58. Shuqun Primary School
  59. Si Ling Primary School
  60. South View Primary School
  61. St. Andrew’s Junior School
  62. St. Anthony’s Primary School
  63. St. Hilda’s Primary School
  64. Tampines North Primary School
  65. Tanjong Katong Primary School
  66. Tao Nan School
  67. Unity Primary School
  68. West Grove Primary School
  69. Woodgrove Primary School
  70. Woodlands Primary School
  71. Xinghua Primary School
  72. Xingnan Primary School
  73. Xinmin Primary School
  74. Yew Tee Primary School
  75. Yu Neng Primary School
  76. Zhenghua Primary School

For the full report of the results, refer to this.

Here is the Kiasu Analysis of 2008 PSLE Results.

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