Kiasu Analysis of 2010 PSLE Results

Here’s the 2010 edition of our annual Kiasu Analysis of PSLE results.

Finding #1 – Top Honors

Without a doubt, 2010 is likely to be etched in the annals’ of Rosyth‘s history as the Year-When-We-First-Believed.   For not only did Alex Tan grab top honors for the school with his red hot T-score of 282, two other of his peers from Rosyth entered the national top 10 list too.  With this feat, Rosyth moved up 2 places from 5th position to be amongst the Big Three schools in’s academic power rankings.

Finding #2 – The Battle of the Sexes

And 2010 is going the remembered by me as the Year-When-I’m-Finally-Relieved that there is hope yet for our underperforming male sex.  After an uncomfortable absence of 4 years, the crown is finally worn by a human with that extra Y chromosome.  Thank you, Alex, for restoring some digity for the male species.

The ratio of males to females in the top 10 has also improved to 7:10.  Yeah, yeah, I know the girls are still kicking our b*tts, but it’s easy to be happy with any improvement when things were as bad as 6:11 last year.

Finding #3 – Top Dog

The venerable Nanyang Primary has come back strong this year, sending 2 more students to the top 10 list, as it has done an unprecedented 10 out of 11 times since 2000, thereby retaining its well-deserved crown as top dog in our’s power rankings.  The girls of NYPS’ greatest challenger, Raffles Girls’ Primary, have kept pace by sending one of their own to the coveted list.  In fact, 6 out of the top 7 schools have students in the top 10 list, proving that their top-student-producing engines are still purring along quite well.

Pei Hwa Presbyterian deserves an honorable mention this year.  Not only has it consistently produced super-scalers (students scoring >275) in 9 out of the last 10 years; it sent 2 students to the top 10 list this year.  A fantastic feat for a most respectable school.

Finding #4 – Absentees from the Party

The most noticeable absentee from this year’s > 275 super-scale list is undoubtedly Catholic High.  This is the first time since 2003 that CHS did not have any student scoring above 275.  Do I hear parents doing PV in preparation for next year’s P1 registration heaving a massive sigh of relief?  It was said that getting into CHS in Phase 2B is as difficult as getting that Sentosa Cove sticker for Micky D’s Monopoly game.  And getting into CHS in Phase 2C is about as difficult as getting the real deal in Sentosa Cove.

Methodist Girls’, Ai Tong, and Bukit Panjang also came up empty this year.  This is highly uncharacteristic of these schools, given that they have always produced a super-scale scholar for the last 4 to 5 years.  I’m sure this is just a minor hiccup and I fully expect these schools to come roaring back next year.

Chongfu Primary has been barren in the last 2 years, after having consistently produced super-scalers from 2002-2008.  Hopefully they can reverse this mini-trend next year.

Finding #5 – First Timers

The schools that entered the >275 honor list for the first time since 2000 (or forever) are:

  • CHIJ (Katong)
  • Coral Primary 

I could hardly call a convent school a neighourhood school, so that leaves Coral Primary as the biggest surprise sprung by a neighbourhood school this year.  Let’s hope that both schools will continue their stellar performance and send more kids to the super-scale list in the years to come!

Finding #6 – Sure anot?

After the bumper crop of super-scale scorers last year, this years’ performance of our friendly neighourhood institutions is luke-warm, at best.  Well, I suppose the stats have to catch up with reality at some point.

Keming Primary – This is the other big surprise in this year’s PSLE.  For the 2nd time in 3 years, Keming has produced a super-scaler.  Will it become a real contender in the years to come?

Casuarina Primary – Casuarina has also quietly made its mark with 2 super-scalers in 3 years. This is definitely one neighbourhood school that is worth watching in the next few years.

St Joseph’s Institution Junior – Like Keming, SJI has produced super-scalers twice in the last 3 years, after having been barren for years.  Could this be the beginning of the return to glory of one of Singapore’s oldest schools?

Pei Chun Public – This school has strung together a pretty decent run in the last 4 years, making up for the barren years between 2002 and 2005.

Nan Chiau Primary – NCPS has been even more consistent than Pei Chun, producing super-scalers each year since 2007.  Yes, Nan Chiau has definitely shed its "neighbourhood" school status, competing in its own right with the top tier schools in Singapore!

Finding #7 – Relegation List

The following list of schools are in danger of becoming one-hit wonders, with 4 or more years having passed since their last (and only) admittance into the honor list.  Let’s hope the kids in these schools will do their schools proud by working hard and doing well in PSLE 2011!

  • Tampines Primary
  • Anderson Primary
  • Jing Shan Primary
  • Telok Kurau Primary
  • Chongzheng Primary
  • St Anthony’s Canossian Primary
  • West View Primary
  • Seng Kang Primary
  • Ang Mo Kio Primary
  • Dazhong Primary
  • Farrer Park Primary
  • Jurong West Primary
  • Mayflower Primary
  • Montfort Junior
  • Opera Estate Primary
  • Teck Whye Primary
  • Yuhua Primary
  • Guangyang Primary
  • Jiemin Primary

Here’s the forum discussion thread in case you are looking for more gossip.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

great analysis. thank you

great analysis. thank you

I wonder when will Rosyth

I wonder when will Rosyth get a top student again….. but I don’t think it will be long untill there is another top student is Rosyth….

Were PSLE marks moderated ?

Hi lotus123,

Yes, marks are awarded for correct workings for Maths. The unforunate thing for your niece this year is that the Maths paper is very easy. This means that most people will be scoring high marks and hence the average for maths paper becomes high. Careless mistakes will be more heavily "penalized" for easy papers. That would explain why your niece who is strong in maths, but careless, only manage a B. And a B for Maths this year, I believe, pulls down the T-score.

Enigma :- nice at home but mean at work


Your colleague at work reminds me of some of my ex-colleagues. They belong to personality type ‘Bulldozer’ & they’re usually my superiors . I must do a survey to confirm whether brash people makes good parents or not.


Hi Markfch!

Hi Markfch-kor!

On the contrary I thought my colleague does not have very good EQ when it comes to dealing with other colleagues!  He can be quite a bully, have a quick temper and does not hesitate to tell somebody to "F" off!

But as a father?  Oh…surely can’t complain and he has 3 boys.  He himself from a very humble (poor) family and grow up determined to work and give the best to his boys.  In terms of academic, he does not believe in rot-learning.  He believes in "learn through play" and urged me to send my son to play-based pre-school like Patschoolhouse, Montessori (although he thinks the standard is now very uneven) or church kindergarten. 

Agree with you life is a long journey and ultimately whether one has the EQ, savvy, favour etc. to survive, work independantly and contributes to society and family is what counts. 

All hail loving parents!


All hail loving parent indeed

All hail loving & understanding parents indeed, DesertWind.

Let me guess. Your colleague must be a very understanding person with high EQ, correct?

I personally know of people who score < 200 T-score but still ended up graduating with honours degrees from our local U. So in the bigger scale of things, what’s the big deal with less than optimal T-scores right? It’s only the first klick of a marathon. 

Thanks for the Information

Thanks for the analysis, useful information, keep up the good work!

Interesting and information

Interesting and information article!

Topmost question on my mind regarding this year’s PSLE results and having read so much on the gifted thread in KSP is "How are the students in the gifted program performing"?  And "are all the top 10 PSLE scorers all in gifted programme"?  If it is a "yes", then perhaps their results are not surprising.  If "no", then mmm…….

Anyway, one colleague’s child was in the gifted programme but apparently scored lower than the expected benchmark score for gifted (if I am not wrong at least 250?).  But he told his daddy he has done his best and his daddy said that is good enough for him!  All hail loving parents!


not that important

I believe it is not important which schools are in the top 10 – how many of these top 10 students are in the gifted program? Most of the schools in the top 10 run gifted programs. Prefer top 10 lists excluding students in the gifted programs, for more informed choice.

were psle marks moderated?


my niece had been doing  very well in school. managed to get only 216 in psle- eng A, Sc A, Tamil A, Maths B. her maths is quite strong. very dissapointed with maths grade. she’s prone to careless mistakes. were some marks awarded for correct methods, but careless mistake in answers?

Thanks for the good

Thanks for the good analysis, certainly a useful info to keep track!

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