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Kiasu Auction #2013-4: Win A Kindle Paperwhite!

Date: 3 May 2013 (TONIGHT!!)

Time: 2200hrs (10pm sharp)

Prize: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Starting Bid Price: 1 KiasuPoint$

Click here to access bidding page.

Earn some KP$ for the auction here.

Yes, Kiasu Auctions are back!  This time, they are fully automated, and guarantee that everyone has a chance of winning!  And those who have participated in our trials can testify that bidding in these new Auctions get really fierce and heart-pounding.  Those with weak hearts had better seek their doctor’s advice before participating.  And having a weak bladder will disadvantage you, because you simply cannot afford to take your eyes off the bidding lest someone else walks away with your prize.

The secret to winning the new Auctions is patience, dogged determination, and of course, lots and lots of KiasuPoint$.  While we can’t help you become more patient (no, we’re not pychiatrists), we can help you get more KP$.  Just be active in our Portal.  Read the articles written by our fellow parents, and show your appreciation either by giving Kudos/Likes to the articles, or commenting on the articles.  This will encourage the writers, and you benefit too by earning KP$!  Or visit our Directory of services and rate the services you have used.  To see all the other ways by which you can earn KP$, read this article.

There are many more Auctions scheduled for this year.  So go earn and stock up on KP$!


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Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres