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KiasuParents engages independent individuals to assess educare services listed in our Directory of Services. Their assessments, together with your user ratings will contribute to giving all our portal users a more holistic review of the quality of educare services available in the market.


Audrey Ledbetter
Audrey Ledbetter comes from a diverse education and early childhood background. She holds a SCAPT from Trinity-Guildhall and has worked as an early childhood teacher with such organizations as Little Linguists, German-European School Singapore, Camp Magic and Performitivity Jr.

While at the German-European School – Singapore, she was in charge of the Co-Curricular Activities, managing after-school courses for over 1000 students, organizing events, and monitoring, feedback back to, and in some cases removing programmes that weren’t up to par.

And she has been the key member of CARE@GESS, working with numerous stakeholders for the benefit of orphaned children in Bintan.

As the mother of a now 14-year old, Audrey has been keenly aware of the life and educational challenges of parents and children and makes it her goal to provide honest and fair assessments of the programmes she reviews.

Jenn Lee 
Jenn is driven by her son who began reading and displaying keen interest in Math and Reading at the age of two. Eager to further his potential, she dedicated herself to researching effective learning styles and teaching her son.

The Deakin University graduate serves the wider parenting community through her renowned educational blog, curating numerous useful resources for parents to coach their children better.
Jenn is also one of Kiasuparent’s Kindred Parent partners.

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