KiasuParents Auction #2013-2


5000 KiasuPoint$

Welcome to KiasuParents.com’s 2nd Trial Online Auction!

In this trial Auction, all bidding fees and bid prices will be refunded at the end of the Auction.   You will also receive 1KP$ for every bid you make in this Auction (subject to a maximum of 1000KP$).  So if you make 10 bids during the auction, you will earn 10KP$ when the Auction ends, regardless of whether you win the Auction!

So there is nothing to risk, and everything to gain.  Go ahead and place a bid!

How to Bid

Step 1
Wait for the Auction to start

Step 2
Login to your KiasuParents.com account.

Step 3
Click on the Bid button to place a bid, before the Time Left to Bid expires 


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Current Price:   KiasuPoints

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Winning Price:   KiasuPoints


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